Any other pregnant mamas get extremely sick when they are a little hungry or are not completely full?

The second I feel hungry I get so pukey and dizzy and shaky but even if I eat a sandwich or a can of soup very shortly after (say 5-10min) I'll get sick all over again and I'll have to be stuffed full in order to feel better. Is this normal??? I don't remember this with my first and I've mentioned it to my doctor and he only says "sugar problems are normal in pregnancy" but won't check my sugar or treat my assumed sugar issues with anything..... Even tho he's the one assuming it's sugar. It doesn't matter what I eat either, snack cake, apple, soup, whatever, if im not bursting at the seams from being full then I'm viciously sick. I'd also like to add that I'm 14 weeks and have already lost 40lbs Because I'm constantly sick. I'm losing on all ends here and desperate for answers.