Anyone been served with grandparent rights?

Who has been served for Grandparent visitation rights and had to write a statement and won? I NEED HELP.


Connecticut does. I’m not sure of the process, but would love to know any information you find!

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It depends on your state.

This are the rights in tenn

Grandparents/aunts/uncles ect can win some sort of visitation with a child if they meet certain criteria.

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No grandparents rights in NC

Oklahoma had no grandparents rights!

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I’ve never been served with those papers, but step one needs to be finding out if your state even has grandparents rights. Some do and some don’t.

If your state doesn’t, then no worries. If your state does, talk to a lawyer. Most courthouses have a family law attorney who visits certain days of the week, to provide legal guidance.

In Canada there’s such a thing as grandparents rights so I really think it depends on what Country you’re in.

There isn’t any grandparents rights in my state ( mi).

Canada has grandparents right as long as they have looked after the child and been involved in the child’s life for so many months

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Il doesn’t recognize Grandparents rights

All I know is in NJ, grandparents don’t have any rights.


Each state has a specific guideline to be able to file grandparents rights. Not all specific rules are the same. You simply have to go to your county ask to speak with an attorney. If there is a law library there they will help you file the necessary paperwork which some do charge a fee. There are lines of proof that need to be established before the motion will even end up in court. Hope this helps.

Work in out outside of court

It’s not even a legal thing in most states so should be easy

Definitely check with your state laws. Most states grandparents don’t have rights.


This really depends on where you live. In Missouri there is no such thing as grandparents rights.

There’s no grandparents rights in nc but they can file for visits off the absent parents visits

You can petition for visitation rights in 50 states. The only states excluded is Washington State and Illinois

Omg grandparents can back tf up

Depends on where you live. In TX, grandparents don’t have rights unless both parents are deceased I believe

There are grandparents rights. You’ll have to go to court and prove why they don’t need those rights

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Missouri has very limited grandparents rights. If the parents of a deceased parent that has an existing relationship with the children applies for grandparent’s visitation and wins, it is usually a 30 minute supervised visit once a month.

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In America grandparents don’t have rights

Arkansas has barely any grandparents rights but my parents got visitation with my nephew because his real mother walked out on him and his dad (my brother) got full custody. So my parents got him for about half the summer and got to see him during Christmas time

You need a lawyer asap. No more contact with the grandparents as they’re taking legal action against you.

Gather your documentation about the relationship. If you have a relationship with them but maybe it’s not often, if they were abusive and proof, text messages or emails, videos of bad behavior. But the first step should be a lawyer. If they contact you then you tell them due to litigation that you will no longer speak to them except through the lawyer.


No grandparents rights in Virginia but was still taken to court and won. Especially since I had a therapist sign off(write the judge a letter) on the fact that the grandparents proved to be more “harmful” if they continued to stay in the child’s life.

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They don’t have rights in the UK, that’s if you’re from here

They abolished grandparents rights in Michigan around 2004


:sweat_smile: The person asked if anyone was served & won not for list of states etc. that have the law. Yikes

If your state supports it: they’re not fit to be with the kids - I’d move to a state that doesn’t support it.

If they are fit - why are you getting served???

Today, all 50 states have some type of grandparent visitation law. These statutes allow grandparents to ask a court to give them the legal right to maintain their relationships with their children’s children. Grandparent Visitation Rights.

In Ohio there is grandparents rights but strict guidelines like if parent is unfit, if parent is deceased…


No grandparent right here either. In pa

Kentucky has grandparents rights. I know because I’m a grandmother who went to court and won.


NOT rights unless the parents are unfit or dead ( in most states)

EVERYONE should be required to look into a topic before commenting
So many people incorrectly stating their state doesn’t have any when in fact ALL 50 STATES DO

“Currently, all 50 states have some type of “Grandparent Visitation Statute” through which grandparents can petition a court to grant them the legal right to visitation”

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If taken to court any immediate family can win visitation with child. You would need to prove them unfit or something


I have some friends that lost the battle with grandparents rights. The grandparents were toxic. She had no real proof. So she recorded everytime the exchange happened per court order. With the child begging not to go with grandparents, and the child being removed against her will from the car seat. They went back to court 8 months later and the grandparents lost visitation. The child obviously did not want to go for whatever reason. There was never ever any signs of physical abuse on the child but we have a feeling it mental, which is very hard to prove. My friend (the mother) would cry hysterically after the exchange, she had no choice per the court and had to put her child through it. It broke her as mother. I’m not saying all cases are that way. it’s just one of the few I personally know of.

If the grandparents are good grandparents and care for the child, why would you want to keep them from the kids?


Ohio doesn’t have them but I won.

Maryland doesn’t recognize grandparents rights I have been there done that with my toxic mother they flat out told her in court she had no rights. The same happened with my cousin except his mom helped raise his kids and the judge still told her she had no rights

Illinois DOES NOT have grandparent rights. I know for a fact. We used to have rights many years ago. We need those rights back especially when the ex spouse of one of your 2 kids use the grandchildren as pawns and the only one who ends up getting hurt is the grandchild. We should not be dragged in the middle of a divorce. Of course, you back your kid always but watching them go thru hell just to get visitation is heart wretching. I absolutely, without a doubt would do anything for my 2 granddchildren. They are my world. The parents who use their children as pawns should be ashamed of themselves. Of course, each case is different. I am just speaking about what i went thru years ago. I see my grandson a few times a year. He is 12 and plays football and his Mom and i are now on good terms. It took years and my son battling. She even sent me his football game schedule this year and you know i will be at every game…i stayed out of the divorce but i was dragged into it because i stood behind my son. What did she expect? My son had to move in with me for a year. He now is very happy and has his son every other weekend and half of the summer. Long story, and i apologize.

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