Anyone cut screen time and notice a difference in behavior?

Has anyone cut screen time significantly or completely for their child and seen an improvement in their social skills? My son will be 7 in April and is for sure socially awkward with his peers . When the covid pandemic started my son was 2 I started working from home and to keep him busy so I can work I gave him access to screen time and ever since he’s had no interest in anything else and I take accountability for that. I’m hoping it’s not too late. Has anyone stopped allowing screen time to their kids around this age and seen improvement with their social skills? I’m also considering putting him into some sort of sport to get him active and around boys his age

I noticed a huge difference when I put controls and time limits on screen time. My 6 year old is a completely different kid

Put him in a sport or club

My kids don’t fight as much when they don’t have their tablets. We have 4 kids.

Limited or no technology is good for everyone to be honest