Anyone develop geographic tongue after giving birth?

this is probably such an odd question but did anyone develop geographic tongue after they had any of their babies? i never had this til after my second


My dr told me I had this she said it’s unique :joy:

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I’ve had it since I was a teenager. No one else in my family does

My dad had this and my son does too, I don’t which I find odd.

My son has it. Has had it since he was born.

I developed this with my second baby and still have it… 16 years later :disappointed:

I had it from my pregnancy in 2021 until a few months after my last baby was born in February 2023. It’s finally gone away.

I’ve had this since I was pregnant with my first and it hasn’t gone away yet.

My husband has one too and it’s connected to thyroid issues. But it can also happen from hormonal imbalances. Which I’m guessing after baby is probably true in your case.

I have a geographical tongue, had it ever since I was born…

My 2nd son whom is now 9 had developed it roughly alittle over a year ago

I’ve been living with it my whole life, some foods trigger it and it’ll hurt but when you know what to avoid it helps…

I have it and so does my youngest daughter. It’s a precursor for autoimmune disease issues unfortunately.

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Yes and I haven’t been able to get rid of it since. It started after my middle child, she’s 9 now. It got worse after my youngest, he’s 6. I’ve talked to my dr and dentist and haven’t been able to get any answers or ways to cure it. It flares when I’m stressed or eat certain foods.

Can I ask what that is? I’ve never heard of it

I have geographic tongue and a bunch of health problems. I end up having to take Prednisone often for asthma flares. Every time I take prednisone, the geographic tongue resolves. As soon as I stop Prednisone, it comes right back. It is a sign of immune problems and inflammation.