Anyone do birthday party themes?

Are birthday party themes still a thing?


Yes! They’re young so whatever it is that they’re into we make it happen and make it special. We only get to do it for so long until they’re not so little. Have fun with it. :blush:

Ya each year my kids pick a theme for their bday. This year my daughter just had a spa party.

Absolutely! I let my kids pick out their themes every year

In my house we do themes :blush: the kids usually pick what kinda theme they would like and I try my best to give them what they like!

I had a train themed bday party for my 10yo cuz he’s autistic and obsessed w/ trains. He loved it!

Yes always. My daughter wants lilo and stitch for her party this year

I have 6 kids and they all have themes every year

Yes! My daughter will be having her 5th birthday this year she I’ve done a theme for every single party!
Donut grow up 2 fast
3 ring circus
4 ever groovy
And now oh-fish-ally 5!

My Grandaughter just had a Hippie theme for her 6th birthday. Lots of tye dye and peace signs