Anyone do instacart?

Anyone do instacart? My husband swears it’s not safe because it’s deliveries and he’s afraid I might get robbed/carjack.


I love it, I stop once it gets dark out.

I do, and I never feel unsafe. If I do, I back out of the situation quickly. But, I’ve been a shopper for 2 years and have never felt in danger.

I do delivery jobs. I choose safer areas, daylight hours and always send my location to my husband.
Most apps have a 1-click safety feature that calls the police when you need it.

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I use it often it’s fine!

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I take my pistol with me (i have my concealed carry) but before i had it i took pepper spray

Well I mean like if you accept orders that are clearly a weeks worth of groceries they are not going to hurt you most likely … but I could be wrong .

I’ve been sent to some sketchy places. I quit doing it because of that.

I think there’s an option where you can just shop and not deliver im not sure

I’m not married because any :man: telling me what job to do won’t work with me. I carry multiple weapons and take no :poop: from anyone. Get your concealed carry license and do what you like, after the divorce.


He’s not wrong. My dad and husband hate if I do DoorDash alone. I carry keys around my neck. Lock doors second I get out or in car. Flashlight. Pepper spray. Weapon.

Because it’s not safe. Even in what people claim is “safer areas” stuff still happens. You’re literally going to random people’s houses, and with today’s technology they can see your face and your car on their doorbell. I used to deliver pizza in college and I’ve heard quite a few horror stories which are too much for FB to handle. This is not an era I feel comfortable going to random people’s houses anymore.

People don’t usually realize the risks they take until they see consequences first hand.


I live in a very dangerous & ghetto area. I’ve gotten approached more in the actual grocery store than I do in my car.
I’ve done gig work, including Instacart, as my full-time job for the last 3 1/2 years. And I’ve never actually been in a dangerous situation.


How do you get car jacked from someone delivering food or groceries? Also they leave the stuff without being home or answering the door? Do you live in a bubble???

No more dangerous than you grocery shopping for yourself

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You can get robbed or car jacked doing anything


I delivered pizzas in a unsafe suburb of Houston. I don’t think instacart carries cash on them.

But in reality, you can get robbed/carjacked doing anything.


My daughter did Shipt for awhile. Be cautious, pay attention and don’t enter homes.

You’re not carrying money- you are given a card- it’s prepaid . Don’t label your car with a bunch of delivery stickers and nobody will know if you’re instacart or dropping off groceries for granny. That said- you can see the “general area” if you wish to decline orders in certain sides of town. Don’t do it at night - choose mornings - early evenings to deliver.


Oh sorry I NeverMind I thought u were asking to use it not work it

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I think it all depends on location … know where you are delivering too…

I do gigs jobs…mostly at night. It’s safe. You can see the area you’re going to before you take it. The risk is minimal.