Anyone else diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome?

I was recently diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome. Any other moms struggle with this? How do you cope with the pain and everything else it entails? Thanks mamas

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I just googled this because I had never heard of it. My heart goes out to you, perhaps something natural can help with the pain. Cbd?

I did! I’ve had five babies. I didn’t know that was a thing. I had an ablation in December 2021 at three months post partum and then in Oct 2022 I started having horrible pain every month. I had ultrasounds and an MRI and they called it pelvic congestion. Basically all the veins around my reproductive system would fill up with blood and swelling and not be able to drain. Tons of bloating. Also had a complex ovarian cyst that got so large that it twisted my tube completely around and it basically died. They didn’t know that until they went in for my hysterectomy in July 2023. All I have left is one tube and ovary.

I’m not sure but I just looked it up and it sounds like what I’m going thru right now and if it is it’s f***ing miserable and painful. Hope you find something that can help you