Anyone else feel super pregnant early on?

Anyone here feel more pregnant than they should be? I’m around 7 weeks and feel like I’m 4 months! I feel so bloated its ridiculous. I have normal gas, normal bowl movements etc… I’m already so uncomfortable and my lower tummy and upper tummy hurt also its so firm too. Just feel so different than my other pregnancies.


Yep, with all 3… I knew and was bloated and all by 3-4weeks it was crazy, they thought I was further along than what I was.

Yes!! I’m 11 weeks and felt like I was huge by the 8th week. My test came back positive at 8 weeks and this is my second pregnancy

How many pregnancies you have had plays a factor. The more times youvr been pregnant the earlier you show etc

I’m pregnant with my second baby now and I felt very pregnant early on. I was around 8 weeks when I confirmed my pregnancy but my boobs were so big and my tummy. Everyone thought I was a couple of months… Now that there’s only a month left
Everyone feels like I should be giving birth