Anyone else feel they can't regulate their own body temperature?

Have any mommas had problems regulating their own body temperature? I’ve always considered myself “cold-blooded,” meaning I’m always freezing when everyone else is comfortable. I just had my 3rd baby six months ago, and I had nexplanon put in. (Birth control implant that goes in your arm, it lasts three years). Ever since I had the baby, I get extremely hot. Like as soon as I get up to start moving around, I start sweating profusely. I’ve never been like this. I was always comfortable with AC around 74 or 75, but now it’s like I have to keep it at 70 just so I’m not miserable, but I’m still hot. I get cold if I sit down on the couch for a while, but let’s face it, with three kids who have time to sit down. I thought it was my hormones at first, but I think by six months, I should be around normal again, birth control or not. I’d much rather be cold all the time than sweat every time I stand up. I don’t know what to do to fix it. I also don’t have a primary doctor. (I know that’s irresponsible, but with three kids, I have a hard time keeping up with them and their dad, let alone myself)


Definitely the birth control. I got a hormonal IUD (mirena) which I have now been told by friends that when you’re breastfeeding they are supposed to give the copper one but they didn’t consult with me on that. But I have had issues with my blood glucose and being hot and several random issues that I never had before.

I have mirena also and ever since I had my daughter I’m the same way, I can’t regulate my body temp either

I have the same problem I’m so hot and soaked in sweat at the slightest movement and it started after having my kiddo. I went to my doctor and I have thyroid issues… Medicine helped

When I got pregnant with my Last baby I Would
Sweat super bad. I’d legit sweat beads of sweat. She’s almost 2 and now it’s gone. BUT now I have little hot flashes. (Not birth control here though.)
I know my hormones are really out of Wack still! Hair falling out - sweating/freezing - acne - bleeding for months at a time- hormonal lumps growing and etc. but my doc informed me “there is no way to test hormones” so I guess I just suffer.

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I would say it’s from the birth control, it’s just a side effect of it.

I am the same way now! I used to be freeezing at all times now I vacuum and get over heated. I have to have the AC on.

I have this problem but my doctor figured out that I was having mini panic attacks. So I would get the hot flash but I wouldn’t get the full blown panic attack. Half the day I walked around feeling like I was on fire and the other half freezing from sweating during these mini attacks.

Have you had your thyroid checked?

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Stop procrastinating and get yourself a doctor. You have to be well to take care of your family.

Have you had your thyroid checked?

I have had my thyroid checked… I’m not on birth control. Stopped taking mirena over 6 years ago. I have this problem. It really sucks. Esp the sweating. I can’t just be normal.

How old are you? You could be going thru peri menopause, which would explain the hot flashes


I just had my nexplanon taken out last week due to unwanted side effects.

I only had this issue pregnant and otherwise I’m normally cold blooded as well.

My theory is because the nexplanon creates hormones to make your body think your pregnant it might have something to do with that.

I’m not a doctor and I don’t know if that was my real cause, but I stopped getting ‘hot flashes’ after taking mine out.

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To be honest you will never be “normal” again after having a kid. 6 years later and I still have problems. Temp control, allergies even food allergies still. I refuse to have another kid now because I can’t handle the forever side effects of it


Get your thyroid checked. Difficulty regulating body temperature is a symptom of thyroid problems, and thyroid issues are very common postpartum.


After I’ve had my baby I’ve been sweating profusely at night and I’ve always been cold blooded as well I’ve never ever sweat like this before ever. I wake up and my clothes will be soaked and the blanket and sheets on the bed with all just be soaked and it’s so gross.

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Mine fluctuates. During the day 70 is either too hot for me and other times it’s too cold.
At night my thermostat is set on 66 or 67. I still feel cold but 68 is too hot for me.

I had my baby last March and this has happened to me ever since I have had him. I will also run low grade fevers when it happens. The only way I can cool myself down is to literay have a fan or ac blowing straight to my face. I am usually fine when I’m sitting but as soon as I get up and am active even just cleaning it happens. I also can not tolerate being outside in the heat for more than a few minutes at a time usually. I am dreading my electric bill this summer because regardless of the temperature as soon as the ac turns off I am miserable. I have not been on any type of birth control in over 13 years so mine is definitely not related to a birth control. My blood work always comes back normal.

Maybe keep an eye on your blood pressure if ur hot when walking around doing stuff but cold when resting …

After my first baby for about a year, heat over 72 made me sick. I would get really hot, weak and it took me a few hours to get back to normal. I still get hot really easily but not like before. I’m a few weeks away from delivering again so I hope it doesn’t happen again. Also, I have no thyroid and my thyroid levels are perfectly regulated so that doesn’t always have anything to do with it. I’d guess it’s definitely hormonal. Tip=ice cubes in the bra if u get hot in public;) or buy small ice packs to use as needed in clothing;)

I have a medical condition that makes it hard for me for regulate things like. It’s temperature.

Also me but I’m pregnant with my 4th after my third I also had the nexplanon had night sweats and it was so bad I got mine taken out

Have your thyroid checked. My levels were all over the place after my last baby and they have leveled out now but the thyroid can really mess with your sense of temperature.

That’s so weird bc I had the nexplanon put in about a month ago and I’ve been hot as fuck ever since too.

It takes over a year for your body to regulate hormones after a baby. Adding birth control will also effect it. But our bodies change as we age. Everything from taste buds, body size, to hormones. Don’t stress so much turn up the ac and things should get back to normal eventually even if it’s a new normal for you.

Ever since my 3rd baby 2 years ago I’ve been the same way. I used to be comfortable at 75 now my air or heat has fo be at 67 or 68 and I can’t sleep with covers or clothes and I’m always hot!

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It definitely shouldn’t be back to “normal”. Having children completely changes your body. Your hormones will be all over the place until at least 18 months postpartum … and you added one of the most extreme hormonal birth control methods available on the market on top of that. Your body may never get back to your “normal” with that in your arm because like I said, it’s extreme and intense. Some women can’t even return to their “normal” after having it removed.

You could be and most likely are dehydrated as well and that’s contributing to the sweating when standing/doing simple tasks. Eating lots of heavy foods (carb loaded or greasy) can also create issues with this.


I still have issues with postpartum sweating and hair loss a year after baby was born. She is my only girl. I also have 4 teenage boys. I didn’t experience this with my boys but after blood work my Dr tells me my hormones are imbalanced. I would go see your Dr.

Have your hormones checked. Also being cold can be a sign of low iodine, or thyroid problems …which may be corrected now.

I have nexplanon and I sweat like a roasting rotisserie chicken.

Def check your BP and talk to your doc but I ruled all of that out and it’s just something weird that can happen. Weird and uncomfortable

After having a baby most woman face a severe change to their body. With me before I had my daughter I could buy 99 cent deodorant and not shower for three days and not smell. After having my daughter I’m using a clinical strength deodorant and then a spray deodorant on top. I still usually always smell at the end of the day and sometimes shower twice a day. :disappointed: She’s four now.

I’m always cold too, I’m anemic could need more iron

Yes! I can not tolerate any form of heat anymore. I can’t even take hot showers anymore. Summer is killing me

You might want to get your thyroid checked

Meds can do it and anemia can cause irregular body temp and hormones from pregnancy and the implant can also cause it

It takes 18 months for your body to get back to “normal” but go see a doctor for sure it could be a thyroid issue


We keep ourselves on 68-70 and have a almost 4 month old and we all stay comfortable and keep 2 fans on.

It took me like 3 years to get normal after having my son but I was also on birth control that may have messed with my hormones. But I was used to 75 area being comfortable and then 68 wasn’t cold enough but during my pregnancy I was always hot. Like midwinter, window open with a box fan in it and a oscillating fan pointed at me and I was still warm.

Blood pressure maybe

I’m always hot. 66 is perfect in my house.

Yes!! It can be 80 out and I’m cold under the blankets and then there’s days it can be 80 out and I have the AC on as cold it can get and still be sweating. My husband just looks at me like I’m a crazy woman :joy:

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I’m in the same boat and I’ve had my nexplanon in for almost a year. I don’t get overly sweaty, I just get hot super fast or I feel hot even if the thermostat is set at 71-72.

I was like this when I had my daughter, took just over 2 years to go back to normal and even now I still sweat a hell of a lot and get warm quick. Doctors did blood tests etc and everything is ‘fine’ so just had to get on with it

How old are ya? You sure it’s not perimenopause hot flashes? That can start in your 30s.

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Manage your sugar levels, it can be diabetes or pre diabetes. Birth control or thyroid.

Get your thryroid checked. Someone needs to.over see your birthcintrol, right? Talk to them if you dont have a dr and they can lead you to one. I recommend the same dr your kids have that way they are familiar with your family already. (I guess, unless they see a pediatrician) either way… Thyroid. Get it checked.

Get your thyrod checked

I used to be cold all the time, after i had my only child I am HOT all the time. I had my thyroid checked, nothing. I also developed asthma, which is weird. If you feel something is wrong, no harm getting blood work. Sometimes body’s change after babies. Someone I know had a gluten intolerance and after her baby she didn’t have it anymore? Weird.

I had to change my eating habits bc I would just randomly get hot. Once I started eating better, it stopped

Experiencing those very symptoms for a couple of years now.I live in a very hot country so it is so frustrating.I am very hot after taking a bath,any simple movement triggers the heat.

Me have your thyroid checked

Get your thyroid checked out


Could be blood pressure due to thc BC i would get it checked out!

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I’ve always been hot and sweaty. :hot_face: When I was a teen and even now in my 30’s. :sob:

Have your thyroids checked thoroughly. I had this birth control year and years ago, and because of my over active thyroids, it was impossible to control my body temperature. Your thyroids regulate the hormones in your body, and the implanted birth control is an influx of hormones all at once and tends to throw your body out of whack.

I noticed that I’m just more hot and sweaty now. My daughter is 2. I’m thinking it’s just my extra weight gain tbh

This exact thing happened to me!! I thought it was hormones.

Same for me I use nexplanon took it off… cause my relationship to brake because how I was feeling… my daughter is 2 and I sweat non stop I keep saying I have the menopause :unamused:… I can’t take it anymore

I would ask for you thyroid to be checked, I’m the same ( underactive thyroid) and always freezing especially hands and feet, even wear socks to bed, then I’ve started going purple, now to be told I’ve also got raynards

I swear I’ve been hot ever since my almost 4yo was born. I feel for ya. Ugh, & here comes summer

Check thyroid…this happened to me after I had my third baby. I have hashimotos

It could still be hormones.

Same here.
I can never get warm, I’m always cold and I used to run hot.
Dr’s want to do thyroid tests.

Question for dr. Not for fb

I know that my heat preferences very greatly depending on what time of the month I’m in- period, normal, ovulating.
Period and ovulation days I’m hot AF. like a third of the month.
2/3 im normal/cold. :woman_shrugging:t2:
I assume the medicine is just ramping up your hormones