Anyone else feel they have lost touch with themselves since becoming a mother?

Who else feels like you’ve lost touch with yourself in the chaos of motherhood?


It took 4 1/2 years after having my son to feel any semblance of ‘normal’ or feel like myself again. Motherhood affects us all differently though it does affect us somehow period. But yes you will feel normal again someday :heart:

It’s not that but I want to be more but don’t want my son to experience hurt of having me away

My kids are 24,20,15 & 11. I was just starting to have more leeway to go out more and not feel guilty or like a bad mom. My first was when I was 17. Now I have a 6 month old and feel like I no me time between working and the other kids and the baby. But my baby is a miracle and I wouldn’t trade any of my kids.

My son is 5 and I’m finally starting to force myself to find myself again