Anyone else get a yeast infection under their breasts?

Does any other breastfeeding moms have yeast infections under their breast? I didn’t know it was a thing until recently. The first time I got it I got rid of it and tried taking better care of my body, but even then it’s still back

I used cornstarch powers under mine

I like to put aluminum free deodorant under them when I go to bed. I sometimes sweat too much and will get a yeast infection. Also, wash your bras more often because they can cause the yeast infection to come back.

If you’re using fungal cream don’t abruptly stop even if you think it’s cleared. Use for about a week after its cleared. Prevents reoccurring rebound flare ups.

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Dry underneath breast really well. Powder underneath.

Use your stick deodorant under your breaststroke every day