Anyone else get anxiety if they do not hold their newborn for a while?

Does anyone else get anxiety if they don’t hold their newborn after a certain amount of time ? She’s sleeping next to me in her bassinet but I can’t help but feel uneasy at times…


Yes just hold her❤️ I was like this for the first few months. It’s okay to do that it definitely helped to ease my anxiety.

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When mine were little I have woken them up just to rock them. Mine are 30 and 27. I get anxiety if I don’t hear from mine in a day. It’s a mother’s love

Yes i was this way. Mine was a NICU babym i held him all the time. No such thing as holding your baby too much :heart:


Yes. Cuz if we are holding them we know they are breathing lol…

Give it a few weeks you will adjust. I always just let them hold my finger if I was nearby for my own peace of mind. I’d literally sleep at the edge of my bed with my hand in the bassinet :joy: eventually that feeling calmed down.

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She moved in you and you felt it. You are getting used to the outside life! You will still pat your tummy and then catch yourself!! Lots of emotions!!!

It’s definitely normal!
Hold that baby whenever you want or need to. Your body carried them, the separation is felt by you as well as them.

It’s not anxiety. It’s a primal need to touch your young. Pick her up. 🩷

Yes. Its ok to pick her up, you can’t hold her too much :sparkling_heart:


I think a lot of moms have those feelings from time to time. If it would make you feel better, there’s no harm in holding the baby while they sleep, sometimes.


I can understand as a mom … but guurll… listen … enjoy peace when you can!

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Your baby. You hold it as much as YOU need. You don’t need anyone’s approval

Yes! I spend up to 18 hours a day cuddling my boy, and still miss him when he’s asleep.

100%. My baby slept through a movie my husband and I were watching the other day and I was so anxious near the end, I kept checking on him to make sure he was okay and just wanted to pick him up and have him lay with me


Yes… when my youngest was a newborn, I pulled the crib against my bed and slept with a hand reached between the bars to hold her little hand. I could not bear to even be a foot away from her… it was almost painful. Luckily those feelings passed after about a month and a half. I had the same experience with my oldest and hardly slept the first couple months because of staying up to watch her breathe…

No. I wanted to kiss all over her but didn’t lol. Especially not if sleeping because I was TIURRDDDD.

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No. I never held my kids constantly. I let them self soothe. I cuddled them and played with them and fed them. But never just held them for no reason. Kids need their space and so do you. Cherish it.


I get anxiety if I haven’t seen or heard from my 33 year old daily so yeah. Not only is this normal…it never ends. Go ahead and pick them up while you still can.