Anyone else get really angry on birth control?

Birth control question. More of a natural momma as well. I have gotten on birth control until I can get my tubes tied. I have been on these for three days taken at the exact time, but I get MAD. I have no patience, very short-tempered, and very blunt. I’m honestly really rude, and that’s not my natural character. I’m usually patient and very easygoing. Does this irritation ever end? Does It get better or worse when you get adjusted to it? I’ve been on almost all birth control pills, and they all do the same thing. This is a very low dose one, but I can’t handle being so mean and not being able to control It any advice or input?

Yes! This happened to me. I also got the worst headaches. Birth control was always a no go for me and this is is why I have 4 kids close in age lol