Anyone else get super angry on birth control?

Birth control question. More of a natural momma as well. I have gotten on birth control until I can get my tubes tied. I have been on these for three days taken at the exact time, but I get MAD. I have no patience, very short-tempered, and very blunt. I’m honestly really rude, and that’s not my natural character. I’m usually patient and very easygoing. Does this irritation ever end? Does It get better or worse when you get adjusted to it? I’ve been on almost all birth control pills, and they all do the same thing. This is a very low dose one, but I can’t handle being so mean and not being able to control It any advice or input?


Same. I can’t take them anymore. I have to isolate until I snap out of it or I say things I regret

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Some times you need a few days for your system to get use to the added hormones but if it doesn’t go away talk to your Dr about changing. There are lots and lots of different options

Talk to your doctor if it last after a few months. You have to find the one that works for you. The pill and the arm implant made me crazy, extra on everything. Especially the arm implant thing.

Im on the depo… its 1 ingredient instead of 2… its the lesser of evils but everyone reacts different to different things… maybe try a different brand or even a different type… there’s so many out there

I took birth control to stop heavy bleeding. I just didn’t like it either . I stopped the heavy bleeding took for months and stopped taking birth control. I got alot of side effects. I think I’m just grouchy due to premenopausal though LOL

I’ve had all those levels of mad on every birth control I was ever on. For the past year I have been on the nexplanon(the one in my arm),and I have had little to none issues. I’m my typical happy go lucky self and no madness!

Unsure if you have any history of anxiety or mental health but birth control exacerbates some symptoms. When I was on the pill my anxiety came out as anger many times


I was like that for the first week or so when I first started taking the pill. It went away when my hormones adjusted properly

I had the same experience. It would come and go after about 5 weeks, but I was still really uncomfortable with the drastic change. Unfortunately I had to stop taking it and wait 2 weeks or so to feel like myself again.

Yes! I also got really bad headaches. Birth control is not for me and that’s why I have 4 children lmaooo

Try Kyleena, that’s what I used and going back on in a couple weeks. It doesnt have added hormones and it actually mellowed me out a lot!

If you can’t take birth control and you guys are your family is complete maybe he could get a vasectomy,

When I was on the pill I was an irritable bitch and would snap for no reason then when I stopped I was back to my normal happy self. I talked to My obgyn after my son was born and he suggested a non hormonal iud, I love it. Speak to your dr, it’s the best option I’ve found.

Birth control is Satan with a suit on. It will destroy your body,soul & mind. Believe me when I say this. I am mother of 5 beautiful children. Birth control ruined me & continues even though it’s been close to 7 years off of them. Woman contraceptives are the devil. Made to hurt & kill woman from the inside out. I have done them all, the shot,the pill, norplant, iud, essure coils. Fuck all woman’s contraceptives, they are the work of Satan.

Me!! I switched to the copper IUD because of this. I can’t take any birth control with hormones for this reason

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The one I started I was a total bitch, always angry and bitching and I couldn’t do anything to make it better. I went back to the doctor and got switched off that one, I only took it for 2 weeks but I was like I can’t do this

Paragard IUD is non hormonal & lasts up to 10 years! I love mine

I hate it. Never found one that didn’t have a lot of side effects and I don’t like the idea of the implants.

My daughter turned into someone we didn’t know when she was on the pill. We tried so many different brands of the pill before her doctor finally agreed it was in her best interests to go back on the depo shot. They would prefer an iud but for now that is not an option. As soon as it is they will change her to that.

I get the same way and luckily my husband got a vasectomy because baring another child would literally kill me. So no you are not alone.