Anyone else have a 15-month-old who eats a lot?

My son is 15 months old and eats a lot. Rarely turns food down. But he is so small. 21lbs. Any other moms experience this?


Yes! My daughter has always been this way, she’s 8 1/2, weighs 60 lbs soaking wet and can out eat everyone in the house, she’s constantly munching on something

Enjoy it while it lasts … In a year or 2 you’ll be fighting him to eat

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Completely normal!! He has a fast metabolism so his body needs more than others. My son was and is the same way. He’s 5 now, and I swear can never have enough.

My son is very small but eats. He has an extremely fast metabolism. His pediatrician recommended carnation instant breakfast or pedisure shakes for extra calories

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I have a 1 year old… as in she just turned 1 last month and she eats like a grown man. I have to stop her cuz I feel like she’s gonna throw up if I let her keep eating

He’s not small. My daughter is 6 1/2 years old and 37 pounds!

Let him eat, boys usually naturally require more than girls I know mine did. Their metabolism is usually higher. Feed him he’ll level out

My youngest is the best eater of all my kids. She will eat anything and everything. She is almost 15 months. She’s is roughly 26 to 28 lbs and is super active all the time.

Feed that baby what he wants. Not sure how his nighttime routine is but I had to cut off eating about an hour before bed with my youngest. She had a really sensitive gag reflex so she’d cry about having to go to bed and almost immediately vomit.

Growth spurt about to happen.

My Grandson is 15 months and he eats like an adult…breakfast 3 scrambled eggs and lots of fruit…he is tall and skinny like his Daddy…this child will eat 2 full lunches and a full dinner.

Normal. All babies are diff. My youngest now I feel like he hardly eats because he’s so picky but he’s a 40lb 2 year old.
My middle child she ate anything and everything! My mom always told me quit starving her I told her she ALWAYS eats! She didn’t believe me until she babysat and mh brother told her to stop feeding her cause her tummy was hard :joy:

My 12 month old has been eating tons since 6 months. I swear he eats more than his 11 year old sister. She didn’t really eat food until 14+ months and she still eats like a bird. He was 22.5 lbs at 9 months, she was only 29 when she started kindergarten.

My daughter’s like this she’s 4 now eats more than grown people but still only weighs 29 pounds😩she’s very energetic though

is your son getting enough protein? If he is eating good protein rich food and lots of fruit and veges then i wouldnt be too worried