Anyone else have a child that hates fresh fruit?

I just want to know how others kids are with fruit? I want him eating more fresh fruit but he’s not a huge fan. My boy prefers his fruit dried or “crispy” (freeze dried). I have freeze dried Mangos, strawberries (that I may steal to add to my cereal), tangerines ( I think they are nasty, it taste like orange peel and turns to dust when you but it ), bananas, apples and then dried blueberries, cranberries, raisins, and apricots. I swear my boy is trying to be a survivalist he could live on nuts, dried fruits and seeds if you let him. When I give him fresh fruit he pokes at it and might nibble it but he devours his crispy fruit. Fresh fruit last thing left in his plate and dried fruit first thing gone.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else have a child that hates fresh fruit?

Let it go. Fruit is not the only way to get nutrients. Why create needless problems?


Stop buying the freeze dried. Stand your ground fresh fruit or no fruit


I have a son who doesn’t like fruit except for watermelon he is grown now and eats plenty of vegies so its not a huge deal for me.

He’s eating fruit :person_shrugging: I’m sorry, but don’t you have preferences when it comes to food? It might be a texture thing.


It’s very possible he has a problem with the texture. Don’t force him to eat something he’s not comfortable with. The lady above me reminds me how my mother was in the 90’s. “You’ll sit at the table till ALL your food is gone” :woozy_face::woozy_face:


Only one of my kids will even touch any fruit. The other two don’t eat any fruit or vegetables. Pick your battles.

Give him what he will eat. Try to force it and he’ll stop eating it all together. Frozen fruit is great

It’s very possible he has a problem with the texture. Don’t force him to eat something he’s not comfortable with. The lady above me reminds me how my mother was in the 90’s. “You’ll sit at the table till ALL your food is gone” :woozy_face::woozy_face:

There’s nothing wrong with it but I would say have your child drink plenty of water with it so he doesn’t eat too much of it at a time. Freeze dried fruit wasn’t a thing when I was a kid but I ate a lot of raisins and let me just say that my bowels took notice

Kids go thru stages of likes/dislikes. Let him eat the freeze dried and offer fresh from time to time.

you people are judgey. I think it depends on the kids age, however my almost 3 year old won’t touch any fruits or veggies. we also get WIC and they encourage us to get her to eat more fruits and veggies. we do NOT push it on her but if she wants to try something she will. otherwise we really don’t worry about it too much

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I have a granddaughter that doesn’t like fruit . Her mama was the same way. Sometimes she will eat a few grapes but very little If any of other fruits.

Personally my son love all fruits but maybe try to make smoothes and juices from fresh fruits. That way you know your son is getting his daily intake if your worried about it.

What about frozen berries? A lot of kids love to snack on them. And they’re frozen at peek freshness, so just as good as freah fruit.

Maybe its the texture of the fruit that he doesn’t like. There’s nothing wrong with dried fruit.

My 6yr old child hates all fruits…she used to love them all, even veggies…kids go thru phases…my 20yr hated vegetables his whole childhood…now he eats alot of them

It could be a sensory issue. Freeze dried is the same texture everytime. You can’t say that for fresh

I feel like this is a “pick your battles” situation. Freeze dried, dried, or fresh; at least he’s getting it in some form. It could be a texture thing. Freeze dried bananas taste different and feel different than a fresh one. He’ll probably grow out of it at some point. I’ve never had issues with my kids not liking fresh fruit, but my 2 year old does seem to like most Freeze dried/dried fruits better; except for bananas.

Most likely he doesn’t like the texture or the juicyness. Let him eat the dried fruit

May be a texture issue. I don’t eat a lot of fruit because the way it feels. Basically I only eat apples oranges occasionally pineapple. Sometimes red grapes also. Everything else is too mushy, weird feeling. Will literally make me gag if I try to eat it just because of how it feels.

Also, turn your fresh fruit into dried fruit for him

Just give him fresh juice now and then. He doesn’t have to eat fruit. The point is to get enough vitamins and minerals in.

Its still fresh fruit its just dried. My youngest loves vegetable(he will literally eat an entire can if vegetables fot meals or snacks but my other son hates them

Dehydrate it ! It’s just as good. It’s healthier than freeze dried

Blend them my granddaughter won’t eat them otherwise

Maybe a texture issue?

I’m not sure why your son is turned off by fresh fruit. It could be a phase he’s going through. It’s good he likes his crispy fruit. That’s good for him too. He probably likes it because the sugars are more concentrated. But they are natural sugars so they won’t hurt him. Fresh fruit juice will probably appeal to him. That will be a good thing. He might like smoothies. Where you can mix fruit juices for a treat.

my kids never liked fruit–they did like veggies though! They are both all grown up now and healthy and happy. I would not make a big deal about it, just keep providing it and if he pokes and nibbles at it, well that is a good start.

I don’t like very much fruit either lol. Maybe he doesn’t like the juiciness. I’d try throwing them in a smoothie, plain yogurt or even on ice cream or in cereal

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Try giving a fruit dip, whipped cream, cool whip

Puree it and freeze! Add as sauce to cakes or even cereal, can also make ice cream with fruit puree an ice lollies??

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What a lot of people don’t realize is fruit is very inconsistent. You can eat one orange and it be delicious. Eat the next one and it’s sour and gross. He probably enjoys the dried fruit because it’s consistent. He knows what every piece is going to taste like before he eats it.


My son doesn’t like fruit. He only eats :watermelon: and :apple:. He literally gag if he eats an orange, for example, so it can be a texture issue. He loves banana :banana: bread or muffins or pancakes but he would not eat a simple banana. Pick your battles :woman_shrugging:

By son loves both freeze dried and dehydrated.
Definitely a big difference in texture and flavor.
Like he loves freeze dried strawberries and will not eat dehydrated strawberries

Put your fruit in glass jars it will keep for a lot longer and give fruit a a few meals a week just a few pieces

My son has a huge texture problem. I have not seen him eat a piece of fresh fruit ever, he wouldnt eat it as a baby and wont eat it now. I give him those baby pouches but he will only eat certain ones but at least hes consuming some kind of fruit. Hes 4 now

Mine did at first but I combined it with yogurt

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Can you do smoothies?

I have the exact same issue with my daughter …
She won’t eat fruit at all… by coaxing and arguing I can have her eat half n apple but that’s it… She won’t even go for that most of the times…
And she is very selective in dry fruits as well… Resins and nuts will do but she doesn’t go for much else … I’ve had some luck with dates… But I’m really worried…
I tried to go for fruit smoothies … She won’t even come near it…
My mom told me to let her be and that I shouldn’t insist, that she’ll come around and to casually introduce fruits to her in different forms… But she hasn’t changed her stance… As a baby 50% of her diet was based on fruits… Now she is 8 and for the past couple of years she has had a serious aversion to fruits…

Try adding it to a smoothie, ice cream, or make fresh fruit freezer pops.

My 6 yr old only eats fresh bananas. I buy him yogurt with fruit in it, yogurt smoothies with fruit in it and fruit & veggie pouches.

There are kids who live on pizza chicken nuggets and french fries. You ca provide food but cant make him eat it. I would try making small batches of smoothies. You can look up recipes online if he likes milk shakes make it more that consistency and just tell him its a milk shake

It’s still fruit he could eat worse

Growing up fruit was scarce. I grew up eating good food but not fruit. I wouldn’t worry I’m fine.

Fresh fruit isn’t consistent. Some blue berries are sweet others sour. Some apples are juicy and others taste like dirt. It’s unpredictable and this is a big reason a lot of kids don’t like fresh fruits and veggies.

My child won’t eat any fruits or vegetables. He has texture issues. All he wants is pizza

Kids are just weird I have 5 my advice is fruit is fruit lol you can maybe try smoothies, or something similar but don’t let it stress you out or worry you! He just likes what he likes

Certain fruits with one child won’t eat and I’ve tried everything to get her to eat the Certain fruits and won’t and she is more of a veggies kid and my other child is a fruit kid and won’t eat veggies unless it’s corn on the cob maybe can corn and mashed potatoes.

Mine like it with yogurt dip or something else added to it.
I put fresh blueberries, strawberries, peaches in yogurt. I cut up apples and put slices of cheese between them to make apple sandwiches. They like banana and peanut butter in a tortilla wrap.

As long as he’s eating fruit it should not matter if you think it’s gross. Some people don’t like the juiciness or the texture of fresh fruit that’s gross to them. It could change too. Give him what he likes and keep offering the fresh.

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Sounds like a texture thing. You could also do smoothies or freeze a smoothie into a popsicle. There are some fruits I don’t like whole but love in smoothies. Either way he’s getting nutrients from the fruit, just make sure he also gets plenty of water because we get a decent amount of our hydration from fruit and veggies and obviously he won’t be getting that from the dried fruit.

You can sneak fruit and veggies in to your regular meals and she probably won’t realize it. Don’t discuss it around her, don’t prepare where she can see it. If all else fails put him on a multi vitamin.

Your kid’s eating fruit. It’s a win. Seems like a texture thing for him but still, end of the day, he’s eating fruit.

Have you tried making smoothies?
Freezing them is fine. It’s better than nothing.
I’d tell mine, “You’re 4. You have to eat 4 ______. Then you get 1 ______ for after dinner”
I’d split brownies or do 1 cookie for every 2-3 pieces they ate.
My daughter still likes some fruits with cottage cheese & some honey. I don’t care what she adds, she eats it. Lol

Make a fondue or different dips such as peanut butter ,yogurt ext…

Try fruit cups or canned.

How about in popsicle form. Fresh fruit bars

Could you blend it into a smoothie for him to drink? Or maybe some fresh fruit popsicles?

So he clearly has issues with textures. Don’t force it


Age? Just keep introducing it. Could be a texture thing. As palettes evolve and change… he will probably warm up to some of them.

My oldest boy doesn’t like fruit, but loves veggies… my youngest doesn’t like veggies but loves fruit… everyone is different! Like suggested above try smoothies.

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He doesn’t want fruit. He’ll survive just fine without it. Choose your battles, Momma.

Let him have the dried fruit, at least its fruit :slightly_smiling_face: If you really want him to have something other than dried, try the cups or make smoothies


Dried fruit often contains lots of added sugar. That’s probably why he prefers it to fresh fruit.

It’s probably better to encourage him to try different fruits here and there. If he doesn’t like something, reintroduce it a few weeks later.

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Texture and temperature issue
My fruit needs to be room temperature.

Start making smoothies

Sounds like he is texture conscious. As stated above…smoothies might be the answer. But at least he is eating the fruit.

He may not like the textures. He’s still eating fruit so I wouldn’t make him eat fresh.

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He may have a sensory for the fresh fruits textures. :woman_shrugging:t2: I don’t have a problem with my kids eating fruits. Some likes blackberries and one doesn’t like them because they are hard and he likes raspberries because they are mushy and he doesn’t like peaches. He loves pineapple, banana, apples and strawberries. So does my other three.

My kids ate everything

he’s still eating fruit though isn’t he. I wouldn’t push it. keep it available if other people will eat it. offer it on occasion I’d say

My daughter prefers fruit to eat🤷🏻‍♀️she takes after her dad