Anyone else have a husband that does not act their age?

Does your husband/boyfriend/partner act their age? Is this just a man thing? My partner can be very immature. He tells immature jokes and sometimes acts like a teenager at nearly thirty years old. He’s great with his money and he’s an awesome step-dad to my children but he has a very short temper and can be so immature. I was in a previous longterm relationship with my kids’ father for eight years and he was similar. Although I’m much happier in my current relationship, I’m curious.


Does he laugh when someone farts?cuz I do


I think that’s most men? My hubby can act like a big kid to our kids but I love that he can be on their level but is also serious when he needs to be. By immature and being a teenager do you mean like going drinking staying out with friends etc? There’s a big difference

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I suppose it depends on what he’s doing that makes him “immature” is he immature or just funny? Mine twerks, plays video games, wrestles with the dog, and will absolutely under no circumstances eat veggies. He’s 44 and I wouldn’t change him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I mean, the term “act your age” is a weird one for me, fun doesn’t stop when you become an adult, it should never stop. You don’t have to be super mature and serious. acting like a teenager is fun! Making innapropriate/immature jokes is fun, laughing is fun, being immature is fun


Oh girl, I feel the same… My boyfriend of 5 yrs is the same and he’s 55! :rofl: He’s a very outgoing guy, great personality and fun to be around. When he’s with his “guy friends” he acts like a kid.  Most men act like children :rofl: Since he’s well liked, he likes to draw attention to himself. It’s annoying… :rofl: he has a short temper to, but I set him straight.  I told him, if he doesn’t change with his temper, he needs to pack up all his belongings and move out of my place.  He knows I’m dead serious and he changed since then. If he’s a good stepdad and a good provider look over the little things but set him straight with his temper.  You’re not alone. :two_hearts:

The “short temper” is the only red flag here unless he bait and switched you and acted mature until you commited to the relationship

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We are mature as in pay the mortgage , pay the bills , raise the kids . But our personalities are still immature at times lol . I always say your not old until you start acting your age ! If we both were mature life would be boring !

Short temper is a red flag to a degree (of course this depends on your version of a short temper, everyone’s is a bit different). However my husband jokes around alot, plays video games wrestles with our kids (and with me), and as someone said in another comment, I wouldn’t want him any other way. Of course though if he knows we have to be serious about something, he usually is.

My husband is 47 and I always tell him that he acts like a perpetual 13 year old. It’s irritating that he’s that age and acts that way.

My man is almost 50 and does not act his age. We both make teen age like jokes!!!(I’m 35) and will jump around and act like fools definitely not acting our ages!
But short tempered is never a good sign

immaturity in a man is a huge red flag. They take nothing seriously, but have a horrible temper that is VERY serious.

So is there a set of rules on how someone should act act at a certain ageon4?

Well mine is 39 and acts 80., can’t have it all I guess


Get used to it sister, typical male :roll_eyes: lol

It’s common because our society coddles and encourages endless childishness and irresponsibility.

Why would you want a miserable man , maybe your the problem.


Most men do, my husband is 33 and he runs around the yard playing football with our boys. He jokes around with the kiddos…and he has the patience of a saint though. BUT: i run to the store the other day i come home and there is a piece of rope hanging from a tree… i was like what are you doing… this fool thought he could get a dead branch down… he actually got it stuck and cannot get it down… he was like i know you cannot leave me alone…LOL… but the kids were like Dad! What did you do? They got a kick out of it… i try to be as fun as he is…it is a good thing to see guys so good with the kiddos… especially because mine did 3 tours of duty overseas… maybe it is me and i enjoy watching mine run around yard acting like a kid… because i could have buried him and the kids could have grown up without him. His friends come over and they are all running around with the kiddos…boys will be boys…