Anyone else have anxiety while pregnant?

I was curious if any other first-time expecting mothers have anxiety about everything they do while pregnant in fear of affecting the baby. What do you do to help ease the nerves and anxiety? I’m paranoid about everything since I’ve been pregnant.


My anxiety is more of a health anxiety… I’ve had it since I was 20, but it’s been manageable for years and years. Since I’ve been pregnant though, it is completely ruining my life! Pregnancy anxiety is no joke!

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Honestly yes all the time and having previous miscarriages, exercise is my best friend and ensuring I get enough sleep and self love

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I have general anxiety, but being pregnant made it 10x as bad. Having lost my first pregnancy in my second trimester made my anxiety even worse on top of everything else. To combat it I maintained good communication with my midwife, did daily positive affirmations, made sure to take my anxiety medication every day, took daily cbd capsules, put cbd isolate in my water that I drank every day, stayed active, and leaned on my support people (family). I also talked to my counselor every week at my therapy session and called whenever I had a rough time.


This is my 4th and I always have anxiety and just hard time since I chose not to medicate. And this one might be the hardest since the world sucks :disappointed::disappointed:

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First time pregnant here :raised_back_of_hand: I was on anxiety meds before finding out but I stopped them once I found out. I have some anxiety related to different things regarding pregnancy. My go to are my support system as well as other moms that have had littles in recent years. I have asked TONS of questions and continue to do so every day. At my 24 week check I had a 15 minute long conversation with my Ob about the first vowel movement after talking to the nurse for 20 minutes about breast feeding. It happens unfortunately but don’t be afraid to rely on your support system!

Currently in week 28 of my first pregnancy and YES I have anxiety. From fear of am I going to be a good mother to wondering if everything I’m doing during pregnancy is okay. It’s normal to have anxiety. Especially being a first time mother

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I did until my one ob said to stop worry because that makes things worse. Go for walks, drink coffee if you want, eat what you crave, take a hot bath, lay however comfortable, etc. All legit worries I had

O man my first pregnancy I’m pretty sure I had some pretty high anxiety the nightmares I had were so real!!! I woke up screaming my first husband was so scared !! Cuz I actually was screaming and hitting him to leave my child alone and to leave me alone cuz I was dreaming things like ppl stealing my kid by cutting me open and stuff. I seriously had to just keep talking to my doctor unfortunately my anxiety never really it still kinda part of motherhood for me I worry a lot about my babies by the time I had my second pregnancy a year later the nightmares weren’t like the first pregnancy thank god but being a mother for me I will always worry

First baby was super chill and once I knew my family was supportive I was good. This pregnancy is pretty overwhelming and doctors keep saying stuff that freaks me out. I had a substitute OB because mine was on vacation that week and the sub told me I lost so much weight and I had to gain weight and obsessed about snacking because I was terrified my low appetite was guna hurt my baby. Had to wait til the next month to be told my weight was fine and baby was healthy. Just had a ultrasound like a week or so ago and she said my baby was about half a pound and I obsessed about that a while until I convinced myself she might’ve given an estimated number and my baby’s weight should be a bit heavier but I have anxiety before pregnancy and I worry so much about my baby because I lost my first pregnancy (very early due to stress or something) and I constantly worry. It will be okay though.

The body is a pretty good “oven” so to speak. It’s pretty hard to harm your baby. Stop stressing over “the process” and enjoy your pregnancy. :wink:

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The best thing to do is follow your doctor’s orders while pregnant. Eat healthy you can do some exercising not a lot but some. Plenty of water fluids for you and baby. Plenty of rest. Don’t stress cause that will only stress the baby. Do what you think is best. First time I became a mommy I was anxious but in all reality I had the support to help me through it all. Call friends your husband family. Whomever will be there for you will make it the best

I still do this with my second. You have to trust in yourself and everything you do and realize that your gonna be ok

mom’s have been having healthy babies since the begining of ppl relax and enjoy

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Ohhhh its a piece of cake for you. Imagine being pregnant with twins, with ur spouse cheating on you???

Yes, even more so with the second.

not to be dismissive but