Anyone else have covid while pregnant?

Did everything turn out OK? I had it pretty bad the first week of April and was very sick for a couple weeks. I now have a chest infection and I’m very sick again. We just did an ultrasound to check on baby and baby looks “healthy” but the steroids that they have me on are bringing its heart rate up in the 160s (way higher than usual) and I’m 32 weeks so they expected a baby to be around 4.5lbs by now but it’s only 3lbs. It appears to possibly have “stopped growing” around the time I got covid as it’d still measuring around that 29 week mark. I haven’t had a report back from the doctor yet so I’m trying not to freak out but I’m so worried for my poor baby. Anybody else have a similar experience??


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else have covid while pregnant?

My niece did just a few months before the baby was born. They are both fine!

My son had CMV and stopped growing at 27 weeks. I know it’s not covid but relatable. He worn born prematurely but caught up very fast and is a healthy 10 year old.

My niece had Covid and her baby is measuring small. She was not vaccinated either. They discovered the baby wasn’t growing as he should at 25wks. Apparently, Covid eats the placenta or something like that. They are trying to just get her to 35 weeks and then will deliver her baby. She’s on bed rest and has two weeks to go. Please read up on it. Not to scare yourself, but so you’re informed and can maybe inform your doctor to see you more often.

My girlfriend lost her baby after having covid :pensive:

I had intrauterine growth restriction with my 7 week old daughter. I was induced at 37 weeks and she was 4lbs 15oz. Now she’s over 7lbs and was born perfectly healthy just tiny.

I had covid back in October of 2020 and was extremely sick. It was in my chest and I struggled to breath for 16 days and it took me a while to get my energy back. I delivered a beautiful and perfectly healthy baby boy December 23rd 2020. We brought him home on Christmas day. Lifting you up in my prayers and I hope you and your baby stay healthy from here on out.


160 is still in normal range also ultrasounds can be off up to 2 lbs on babys weight, it isnt a guaranteed weight, its just a guess.


I had Covid the delta strain when I was 25 weeks pregnant. Definitely hit hard but the baby was fine and was full term!

My exes wife did. Baby os perfectly fine.

I had covid while pregnant I’m just 33 weeks and had it back in December. How ever cuz I had covid my ob is doing ultrasounds every month to check his growth n everything is fine with him but I did have a scare because they sent me to a high risk doc cuz they couldn’t get everything they needed in his heart… just because he “has stoped growing” does not mean he will not be healthy my Cuzin stoped growing around 30 weeks n he now is 27 years old n fine prays momma everything will be ok!! Just because they expect him to be over 4lbs right now does not mean anything is wrong with him he still has weeks of gaining lbs yet. I wouldn’t stress your self out about it. If u don’t hear back by Monday(depending where u are n day it is by u) from your doc I would just call and talk to them.

I had covid at 24 weeks, was a rough few weeks, energy drained. OB had me come in twice a month the following month. Baby girl came at 35 weeks due to mild preeclampsia and preterm labor. She’s now 3 weeks old and thriving.

I got covid start of April, Was around 33/34 weeks pregnant! Just had a scan & bloods this week to check everything and all seems ok with bubba!
They measure fluid around bub and a few other things and all is within range & she’s growing just fine

I had COVID, ended up in hospital with it and my son was 10lb when he was born 10 days ago

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I caught covid back in December at 7 weeks pregnant. I’m perfectly fine and baby is doing well too. Don’t stress yourself. Your body will know when something isn’t right. Think positive for you and baby your body needs oxytocin not adrenaline and stress.

I had covid 2 months before giving birth. 2nd time in a year. I took their new meds they came out with for covid. I had my baby 8 weeks later. Not due to covid. But he was healthy and everything. I was very nervous having covid and being pregnant but it didn’t effect him at all. I was induced at 38 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. Than he was also breech. He was in the nicu for a bit but he’s healthy and growing and amazing.

I have had family members who were pregnant and got covid, thankfully both mothers and babies are fine, I would discuss your concerns with your doctor, sending prayers for you and baby

I had covid 6 months pregnant with my daughter, she’s a thriving toddler. My sister in law just had my niece 3ish weeks ago after having covid while pregnant twice. It stunted the babies growth so they took her at 36 weeks she spent a little over a week in the nicu but is fine and thriving!! :revolving_hearts:

I caught COVID two Novembers ago while pregnant. While I didn’t take any meds for it, my now 17 month old is 100% happy and healthy. No complications.

Take ultrasound measurements with a grain of salt, in my opinion. I was told my first born would be about 5lbs. Imagine the look on my face when they handed me an 8 pound (massive in my eyes, I was expecting a little thing) chunky baby. All my babies have been big but measured smaller on the ultrasounds.

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Not related to covid, but they told my sister my nephew was only 3 lbs the same day he was born 5lbs 3oz. They also told me my daughter was 8 lbs and she was born 9lbs 3oz.