Anyone else have family that doesn't wish their kids a happy birthday?

Anyone else deal with family who doesnt call/text to wish your kids happy birthday? We live in the same town and everythign and nothing…


Yes they won’t even call to say hi how are you doing how’s school. This as close a grandma. Just no interest at all. Sad but true I’m raising my kids to be independent and not rely on fake people. We expect nothing from anyone

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Yes and my kids are old enough now too understand. As their dad’s side never text calls or even invites them over . So my kids get left out on a lot of things. Yet my kids understand being independent and knowing who’s going to be there and who’s not

Yup… I have a few lovely aunts but otherwise most forgot my child’s 18th.

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I have a father that hasn’t seen/talked to me, my brother or any of his grandkids in like 10 years. He has some grandkids that he has never met. His entire side of the family has been even longer.

It is what it is.

Me, nor my kids lose any sleep over it.

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Only one that does is my husband’s sister. No one else does. But I’m also not too close ro them. As in indont even know their kids birthdays. I used to wish my brothers at least happy bday but I got 0 responses from them so I stopped.

I have a mother in law who only acknownowledges 1 of 5 of my grandchildren. I make up for it but it shouldn’t fall on my shoulders

My kids own dad didn’t wish them last year. This year is coming close and most likely won’t either. I just don’t talk to my family that doesn’t acknowledge them

Oh ya, her whole dads side of the family

Yup and I don’t care. Their the ones missing out

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It’s kind of petty really. Choose your battles.

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Yes but I sometomes I forget theirs too. I dont take it to heart we live far away and our lives are busy. A reminder can help.

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Yep, but I don’t let it get to me anymore

Me and my sisters send out a text the night before and say hey it … Bday tomorrow don’t forget to call. All the nieces and nephews are young adults now. And 9 total so we need a reminder​:rofl::rofl:

Yeah !!! Nothing to make a big deal about it

See i dont worry about what people do!!! I will jot force anyone to be in my childrens live and honestly its their lost

I just keep up their energy and don’t wish them a happy birthday. They can go fuck themselves for all I care though so :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yes my kids grandparents :confused::expressionless: (not my parents) my parents call all the time to talk to them and would come see them but can’t. The other grandparents I’ve invited to our house several times and they won’t so it’s their loss.