Anyone else have issues with reoccurring pink eye?

Anyone else dealt with recurring pink eye? I’m pretty sure my son has it for the 3rd time in a month. I’ve disinfected everything. Even bought laundry disinfectant to wash everything everyday. I’m also 34 weeks pregnant so this has been awful.


My son use to get it alot when he was little, it was due to allergies. At that time, they had prescribed him zyrtec and an antibiotic for his eyes. What would happened is that his drainage would back up toward his eyes and cause him to get pink eye in both eyes.

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Please take him to the doctor, pink eye can have serious repercussions.

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No sorry, but if you want to hear something funny, listen/watch Jo Koy talk about his kid and pink eye. Funniest thing ever and the first thing I thought of when I read your post.

Yes! Anytime my kid gets pink eye she always has double ear infection with it. Her pediatrician always prescribes eye drops. Start seeing it getting better within a few days.

Maybe… He is scratching his bum then scratching his eye…

Do you have any animals and could possibly not be washing hands good after the bathroom change pillowcases more frequently


He needs to keep his hands clean and off his eyes as much as possible. Rubbing the eyes makes lashes come out and deposits any dirt on the hands to the open spot.

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I used to work for an eye Dr
Please take him to the eye Dr. NOT urgent care or a family doc.

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Have you taken him to the dr?

I did! Found out it wasn’t pink eye. It was from a tick bite. I had to go to an eye dr. And that stuff the give you for pink eye is crap anyways

My daughter kept getting what her pediatrician kept calling pink eye… finally referred her to an eye specialist. Turns out her body was basically attacking itself and causing scars on her corneas. She will eventually either need special lenses or a double cornea transplant. Definitely take your child to an actual eye doctor.

Is your son allergic to sulfa? Make sure they didn’t give him sodium sulamyd eye drops. Many doctors prescribe without checking allergies- sorry to say

More important than anything you can clean or disinfect is frequent hand can’t stop him from rubbing his iritated eye but you can help him to keep his hands clean when doing it.

Could be allergies, i get a type of pink eye from allergies. But also, kids do gross stuff lol is he washing his hands often?

My son needed a different antibiotic eye drop because his “pink eye” was actually caused by congestion and sinus infections. Sinuses are connected so the bacteria travels. His ENT referred us to a better ophthalmologist than we were seeing - one who could see him same day or we could send in pics if he was experiencing pink eye symptoms.

I get allergy induced pink eye. I have to use prescription eye drops. Nothing else works for me. I’m so sorry your little is having to deal with this. :frowning:

You can also get it from clogged tear ducts. I’d see an eye specialist. Maybe there’s some kind of reoccurring blockage.