Anyone else have morning anxiety?

Anyone struggle with extreme anxiety in the morning? Like waking up with whole-body shakes for no apparent reason? Then can’t fall back asleep? I feel like I’m going crazy; this has happened for about 3 to 4 days in a row now, it ends up getting a little better throughout the day, but these last few mornings have been rough.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else have morning anxiety?

Yes you’re not alone.
This is more like panic attacks than anxiety. I go to sleep naturally and wake up panicking shaking and more. Talk to a doctor about it to get on something for it. :pray:t3: It is so scary I know the feeling trust me.

I get it bad at night

The heavy blanket helps, good luck. :pray:

Get your thyroid checked.

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I was going to recommend going to the Dr aside of having anxiety you could be having sugar problems this used to happen to me and i wasn’t even aware of my sugar issues

My anxiety is so bad every day I spend most days vomitting from anxiety

Does this happen a lot? I would make a doctors appointment.
To rule out anything serious

Do a stress test cortisol also tyroid glands and vitamin B

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else have morning anxiety?

Are you on any meds for your anxiety?

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Get up have warm shower, you need to learn talking yourself down… my anxiety peaks at anytime, I have learned buy talking to myself in my head I can reduce it considerably. I have reactions to most pharmaceutical remedies. Breathe deeply in warm shower telling yourself you can get through this… praise yourself regardless of how you feel

Yes! And mine gets really bad like that right before I get my period for the month. It is horrible. This is why I avoid having to do anything in the morning and do my work in the afternoon or evening. I’m so sorry you are having this morning anxiety and I hope it stops soon! :heart:

That’s what I was going thru when my gall bladder was bad. My dr told me it was anxiety/panic attacks

Am following because thats also what am undergoing…
Am drug free…no medications

Yes I struggled with the same issue years ago, I also had insomnia for weeks and its a horrible feeling. My doctor had to prescribe some meds to help. You may need to go see your doctor if it continues. Im all better now. Hope you find some relief soon.

Have you recently quit any meds/ cigarettes/ alcohol?

Yes. I struggle with that severely. What I found works for me, is immediately looking at my surroundings, taking it in and reminding myself that I am safe. I will try and take deep slow breaths and look for something to analyze in my room, something to refocus my mind on. For example a blanket, is it soft? Is it scratchy? Can it be machine washed? Hand washed? I try to start to focus on something other than the immediate anxiety. But also remember to remind yourself that you are okay and safe. I get the same full body shaking anxiety, sometimes to the point I throw up. I have recently been prescribed Hydroxyzine otherwise known as Atarax for mine. It’s helped quite a bit but not fully yet.
Main thing is trying to focus on something else and taking deep breaths. Realize its okay to be experiencing the anxiety, its okay to feel it, just try to remind yourself that it will pass and with every deep breath it gets a little better. I hope this helps you.

Not sure of course of your age … but menopause causes many issues, one being anxiety and sleepless nights. Hormones out of balance is no joke. Get full bloodwork panel done to check your levels including thyroid.

I wake up in the middle of the night in a severe anxiety attack and I have to take my anxiety meds to be able to get settled down so I can go back to bed

Try taking your meds at bedtime

Since this is something new, you may want to check with your doctor to rule out a medical problem.

Have you started any new meds? I did that at first when I started taking cymbalta at bedtime. They moved it to morning and I it quit. Good luck

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else have morning anxiety?

Oh man, I was dealing with this, I’d wake up in the night feeling the same. I kept thinking it was anxiety, was told it was anxiety, but it got progressively worse with chest pain. After a trip to the er, it was my gallbladder :flushed: I was having attacks. I have not had that problem since getting it out.

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Your blood sugary could be high. Wal-Mart sells their brand of glucometer, test strips and prickers.

Jessica Nicole Luntzer

Do you drink at night before bed? Even just a couple beers or wine? If I drink I wake up like this. I have an anxiety disorder and I’m medicated for it but the crazy morning anxiety with full body shakes usually happens on mornings when I drank the night before.


I used to do this when I was breastfeeding. If I got backed up at all it was like I couldn’t stop shaking and my anxiety was through the roof. No idea why but my body went into some sort of hyperdrive whenever it happened, which was really when my daughter started sleeping through the night and skipped a feeding

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Same! Every morning.

Yes. At 5:40 am I wake up stressed about my day and have a hard time falling back to sleep. It happens every morning.

Yup that’s me. I’m
Going back on anxiety meds today

I started taking Magnesium Glycinate before bed. Within one week they were gone.

I hate when you do that you lay down and you try to go to sleep and it’s just like your body cannot hold still it just moves and moves and moves you got to get up and move around and I guess eventually you fall asleep I’ve also had a problem with mainly if I’m picking something up a lot my hands will start shaking so bad till I pour water out or whatever I have in my hand I was told it could be my medicines cuz I take psychological medicines I hope you get to feeling better and can find out what is wrong

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else have morning anxiety?

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Yes sweetie, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety & PTSD 17 years ago when my husband died. Its never improved. Many mornings I wake up with a feeling of anxiety & dread. One thing I highly recommend if you have insurance is to have a sleep study done. A lot of my morning anxiety was caused from sleep apnea & hypoxia. Please look into getting some help. Even if its just counseling at first.


Geez why are you suffering with this and asking questions on social media? Maybe because you don’t have health insurance? When you are having the symptoms in the morning go to an ER.


I would see a doctor and have them order a sleep study. My cousin was having debilitating anxiety and it was sleep apnea.


It could be related to a health problem
My son had nightmares where he actually saw himself die many different ways. He was eventually diagnosed with a type of seizure disorder that came on when he was in REM sleep and it responded to medications
Not suggesting you have a seizure disorder as there are other courses of sleep related problems. Do you remember your dreams as you might have a disturbing dream that cause you to wake up feeling anxious?

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How is your blood pressure? I have high blood pressure and was told it can cause anxiety or make it worse. Blood pressure usually rises when you sleep. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Anxiety sucks.


I suffered with severe anxiety for a longtime and the worse part of the day was the morning. I would have dry mouth my heart was racing and I would put water on my face. As the day went on it got better but I finally went to my doctor because it was not going away. The worse part of the day was mornings. Mine has gotten better but sometimes I get it but not as bad. Consult your doctor


Anxiety is the worst thing! Mine can be triggered by the dumbest thing and now I’m crying and shaking and hyperventilating. Have you spoke with a Dr? I was given a medication I can take if I know it’s going to cause me anxiety or once it’s too late it stops you from feeling like your gonna die. I wish you the best. Anxiety is real.


I went through a period of getting these as soon as l woke up absolutely horrible the reason was l couldn’t get enough sleep and with that combination it led to depression, go see your doctor as it won’t get better without professional advice and help, l wish you luck and hope you feel better soon :crossed_fingers:


Mine is so bad that I start coughing so hard that I physically get sick. Feels like my insides are going to fly right out of my chest. My primary and cardiologist have both tried different meds with no success. I’ve been dealing with it for 40 years and has only gotten worse with time. It’s caused me an Aortic Aneurysm, 4 more heart surgeries and 2 strokes. Praying that you can get it taken care of soon. It’s no way to have to live. See your Dr ASAP. GOD BLESS

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Sounds like panic attacks!!! How long does it last. I had one in the shower. It felt like I was going to die. It just came on all of sudden. One minute you are cool and calm and not thinking about anything bad thoughts. But, then it hits you like a ton of bricks. You can’t breathe. You lose control, your heart starts racing and feel this burst of scared. Like you never felt before. I never felt so scared in my life.


I did this and my dr. Told me I was having anxiety attacks. My blood pressure and my diabetes was causing them.


Dorothy Domich why be so judgemental?

Can’t give you a time frame. I know I still do and it’s been 3 1/2 years. No timetable I suppose.

I get them at night while the world sleeps.


Pray them away.worked for me.its been years now.

Are you old enough to be going through menopause. Talk to your GYN.

Meditation will ease that. I do it at night and it’s all but gone away

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welcome to my world… Dr.Caroline Leaf has a book about anxiety, she explains what it is and how it works. It’s built around emotions, which cause chemicals in the brain, which cause the fright or flight response… learn deep breathing, breath when you feel it coming on. Find a trusted friend to talk you through this. Be careful or your going to start getting anxious about being anxious. I promise your not crazy nor are those feelings like your going to die real. They are making great progress in treating anxiety disorders.


I have chronic anxiety…ALWAYS as soon as I wake up. It sucks to start your day like that. Best wishes.:two_hearts:


No. And I am so sorry for those that do. My condolences

Go see a Dr fr something not right there

Could be hyperthyroidism.

Check your sugar levels it could be dawn phenomenon

I have been going through this for 3 years. Just horrible.

Terrified and scared to lose everything all the time

It was cuz my thyroid was too high

Mine is more At night. I start thinking too much & can’t sleep.


You need to speak to your doctor and get blood work done… could be many things… life styles have changed for a lot people recently and weight gain has attributed to some being diabetic, hormone changes… God knows the last year has been odd and no wonder we all are not Bat Pooh Crazy…

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I don’t shake but as soon as I wake up i get overwhelmed with a feeling of something’s wrong or something needed to be done but I forgot or something bad is going to happen


I did,my doctor made me do complete blood works etc,turned out I was pregnant.

I really wonder when people are going to go to the doctor and stop asking Facebook medical questions!

I started getting like that and I found out it was low thyroid

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oh my god yesss i thought this was jus me!! i wake very un easy, shaky, feel weird inside my tummy, feel dizzy, feel im chokin and tat im gonna pass out… its like de inside off ur body is doing a weird shakin sendation, weird head pains, an i make my blood pressure go so high, then from afternoon evening etc it eases and im fine, defo jus mornings , its happenin me ages now, kinda no its anxiety but awful :disappointed:

Are you starting menopause

It comes out of nowhere it’s like you wake up in a panic. I do it often but mine will last all day.

Go and see your doctor have him put u on something for your anxiety if it’s that bad I suffer from so does my.daughter and yes u can feel like your going crazy don’ get that bad seek help good luck

I have been having them when I wake up at night and can’t go back to sleep

I had that for a week I would wake up around 4 am with my heart pounding and wouldn’t stop than I went to dr and got the news that I had heart failure and needed a pacemaker now I’m okay.

Wow I thought I was the only one having that. I got some meds from my Doctor better now.

Had this happen to me in March. Ended up in ER. Magnesium was low and my thyroid medication was too high. Once, my doctor lowered the milligram down I felt better. Also going through menopause right now. Has a lot to do with it.

Ask your doc if anxiety meds taken before bed would help you sleep peacefully through morning. Or meditate/do yoga/relaxation exercises before bed with deep breaths and see if that helps. Also drink water when you get up.

I use a weight blanket to help

So I have it where I literally have no ambition to get out of bed. I could lay In bed all morning. I know I have things I have to get done, and I stress about it. But I literally can’t make my self get up. Some mornings are easier than others. But that stress to get out of bed and get things done is rough

Anytime you are feeling anxiety you need to breathe deeply in and out. Anxiety causes panic and rapid breathing which causes rapid thoughts. For some it helps to breathe in and out of a brown paper lunch bag. While calming your breathing try to find your happy place in your mind. You can get on anxiety pills too but may take a bit to work for you. I think that will depend what they put you on.

Have your blood sugar checked.
When I was experiencing that my blood sugar was actually high in the AM.

Morning is always the worst. When mine gets that bad I have to take anxiety meds short term(a week or two)

Completely normal with anxiety disorder. If you haven’t been diagnosed with anxiety, ptsd, etc yet then I would advise you call your doc to setup an appt. I had the shakes in the beginning of my PTSD. I understand what your going through. It can be scary if it hasn’t been explained to you.

Yes, to the point of vomiting every day before work. I still have them, last night in fact, but they are not as intense and was able to go back to sleep. I find counting random numbers ( 7500,2 65, 84,67, etc) can help. It is a grounding technique that causes the brain to “shift gears” of the fight or flight mode. Look up grounding techniques on you tube. I also sought therapy. Panic Disorder can be completely debilitating. I have taken more than one trip to the ER as my BP goes sky high. I hope you get some relief.


I would echo the advice of everyone else… You need to have an honest conversation with your doctor about the things you are experiencing. To that, I would add… In my experience, it’s hard getting help for my mental health. I always feel like it’s something that I should just be able to control. But mental health… Depression, Anxiety, OCD for me… have physical roots. They do not mean that you are a bad, a weak or a lesser person. In fact, I’ve come to see the people who act and get help as the strong ones. It takes courage. And sometimes it takes time to get it right. Be patient, and work with your doctor. It’ll come. Someone encouraged me recently to think of it differently. It’s not about having a “mental problem”. It’s about practicing mental wellness. Actively pursuing a healthy state of mind. The other issue people keep mentioning is sleep apnea. I have massive sleep issues. From Apnea to something called Vivid Dreams (that’s a trip!) and still working on something called REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. Basically, I act out my dreams and have scary good recall. Add epically bad dreams… I’m a lot of fun. I mention them because there are ways to treat these things. One of the best things I’ve done, in addition to a cpap machine and good meds for the Depression and Anxiety, is added melatonin into my nighttime routine. That’s the long way of saying… You’re not alone. It’s not anything to be ashamed of. And there are things that can be done that really do help. The first step is talking to your doctor and being honest about what you’re experiencing. It is treatable. Good luck!


Anxiety depression is often WORST in the morning, when you wake up.
You should see a doctor.
Therapy and/or medication may help.
Wish you all the best! :heart::rose:


Yes I have had it when I wake in mng shaking insides it’s horrible. It goes after a while it’s just anxiety but it is very scary.

Sounds like a panic attaclk
I’ve had them. It was always related to a big stress in my life

I’ve had that it’s horrible get it rarely now but used to be everyday xx

Sleep study is warranted. Anxiety/panic should be diagnosed only after the body is thoroughly checked to make sure there’s are no other issues. Thyroid, sleep apnea, heart etc.

I wake up with anxiety as well but I am fine when I get up.

I have that to this day. I’m 70 now. I have delt with this all my life. For me is waking up feeling very depressed, along with crying and feeling scared if something. I have mentioned it thousands of times to my doctor and always got the mmm! Nothing has ever been done about it. I really thought i was the only one experiencing this awful feeling til now that im reading all these comments. Now i know there’s many facing this. I feel like this emoji.

Yep, I experienced a TIA stroke in May, since then 3 trips by ambulance to ER thinking I was dying Doctor visits, Meds, and Phyc evaluation. Dx with Chronic anxiety can’t drive and even having trouble leaving my house… Started Brain core neurofeedback yesterday with hope of some relief,but keep 0.25
my Xanax :rage: close it will ease the morning panic attack. Shaking as I write now…it usally hits within 30 minutes of me waking
Prayers, its awful

I haven’t experienced any of these symptoms myself. I wonder if it’s because I’ve been using self hypnosis relaxation techniques since I was sixteen to assist me in falling asleep. At that age my mind was racing with all the stuff of the day, and I couldn’t just close my eyes and stop the thoughts from playing in MY mind. I can’t remember the exact book that I read it in, but the work is simple, when you lay down to sleep you focus your mind on your body and how it feels, you start at your feet and mentally say to yourself, " my toes are very very relaxed" and feel each part relax as you repeat it plainly, I like to say each body part like three times, working your way up the body, and feeling the body relax as you go along. This focuses your mind on your body and not whatever happened today or what may happen tomorrow, just this moment of beginning to rest your body and mind for the night. The first night, I went through my body parts twice before I just laid there and fell asleep, wondering if it worked. The second night, I completed the whole body and started the second round and was asleep before i finished, by the third night I was falling asleep before I reached my stomach, and after that and for the rest of my life if I just start relaxing my feet, I’m out like a light. I do this consciously still when my body feels tired or sore, but most nights I have no problems falling asleep after just laying down or feeling rested in the morning.

I’m on 2 different medications for anxiety and for me mornings and bedtime is the worst for me.

A glass of milk before I go to bed seems to soothe me. Also stay away from social media for a couple of hours before going to bed. Prayers are very healing as well.

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Try those vivi patches for nerves

Trust in the Lord he is a healer. He can heal and deliver you.


Have your thyroid checked. And your blood sugar.

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