Anyone else have twins?

Who all had twins or currently pregnant with twins?? I ask because im a little over 20 weeks with twins and just bending to clean is getting really hard I’m like wow I’m not even in the third trimester yet lol


Yes! Mine will be 12 day after st Patrick’s day. I carried them to 35 weeks 5 days and had to have a C-section because baby A was breech. They were premie but couldn’t tell after they were 6-8months they caught up quick. I couldn’t drive after I was 6 months along because my belly was literally to big to fit behind steering wheel. I was huge!! Best of luck to you!!! Rest as much as you can now

Yep, mine will be 9 years old in May

I had twins at 39. I seriously felt like my whole body gave up on me.

I’m 35 weeks with twins right now, in my last week… I don’t know how people make it look so easy, I’m shattered and in agony constantly :rofl: sooo different to my singleton pregnancies x

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Lol it gets souch worse :rofl::crazy_face:. Relax and eat some cake…