Anyone else not feel their child move a lot?

Question: do any other pregnant mothers feel like their baby doesn’t move a whole lot?? I’m 33 weeks, and the dr and apps say, “count your baby’s kicks”. My baby doesn’t kick a lot. He will move and adjust periodically. But sometimes I go all morning and don’t feel much movement. I just want to know if anyone else experienced this while pregnant?


I have days kid is bouncing all around, and then I have days where I barely feel anything. If you’re really concerned, ask your doctor, but in most cases, everything is fine. As long as you aren’t bleeding and/or spotting and your baby isn’t completely still, you should be alright.

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Yes but it’s due to my placenta being anterior. Next time you go in ask them if that’s the issue…had I not asked them they would have never told me.


Me right now at 33 weeks also. Sometimes during the day he goes too long without moving for me. Then I start feeling him again. He doesn’t viciously kick like other babies but it’s like I can feel him tossing and turning instead. It worries me a lot but my doctor says it’s fine. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I rarely felt my baby but my placenta was in front of her. Ended up having to have stress tests to make sure she was moving


I’ve had 4 childen. A couple we’re lazy. A couple moved so much that I had to move them sometimes.

When they start running out of room they’re going to just roll around. Not so much kicking

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I wouldnt feel most of the moving unless i was lay down or sitting. If i was moving id hardly notice it. Especially once i got later in pregnancy when there was less room. I also had an anterior placenta with my last 2 pregnancys

As long as when you lay down, eat or drink something with sugar and you can feel the baby move or kick I believe it’s 10 times then they’re fine:)
But remember, if you’re ever nervous always ALWAYS go get checked out!
Even if you feel silly!

This happened to me with my middle son my doctor told me that the placenta was blocking his kicks

My first pregnancy was like this. He never was a mover. I’d feel a few little movements or kicks in a whole day. If your ever concerned, just call and make an appointment to check fetal tones.

1 of mine didnt move much i asked my dr and she said it was because he was big and there wasnt enough room that was late in my pregnancy he weighed 10lb 8

I have days where I feel my kid every second. Other days I feel like he’s not moving enough. My doc always said if I was worried about the kicking or moving around to lay on my side. If that didn’t work I always got told drink something with sugar and lay on my side for an hour. They are running out of room so I don’t think they will be kicking as much. If you’re nervous contact your doc

Babies start to run out of room in the third trimester… especially closer to the due date, as long as you can feeling him moving I think you’re fine. My third daughter kicked like crazyyyy until the day I was induced, and she came out wide awake and extremely alert lol but my first two didn’t move much towards the end and my dr said it was fine “that they run out of room so they don’t move and kick as much and to just monitor/call if you’re not feeling movement” if you don’t feel movement, try laying on your side, drinking something sweet like orange or apple juice, or cold water. That usually does the trick! There were mornings I would wake up and wouldn’t feel my daughter moving at all for a few hours, and then she would go crazy.

I wouldn’t compare stories. Every pregnancy is so different.

Call your OB.
Go to L&D.
There’s a reason why they ask you to do kick counts, it might seem silly or doesn’t always work. But it has saved babies lives.

I don’t know who needs to hear this; who gives a flying crap what nurse or doctor makes you feel stupid for coming in for false alarms. You’re protecting your baby and after your pregnancy you’ll never see any of those people again.

All the best :purple_heart:


The more active you are the less the baby will move. Your movement puts baby to sleep. You’re more likely to feel movement when you lay or sit down to rest.

With my first I didn’t feel much, but my placenta was anterior so he was basically kicking a pillow so I couldn’t feel as much. My second is different… it’s basically nightly karate in there

Let your doctor know. My niece just had an emergency csection at 33 weeks because she couldn’t feel baby move. Umbilical cord was pinched and baby wasn’t get blood flow. Not trying to scare you but please let your doctor know so they can check. So thankful she did. Baby is in nicu but doing good.

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I hand and anterior placenta with my third pregnancy and I rarely felt him kick or move.

Mine only kicked if I was late with lunch. I found they moved if I used a squeaky baby toy (which was their favourite once they arrived!) It was useful to check movement and great when they were resting on my bladder!

I never did kick counts but I felt him move pretty often. I would ask your doctor and see if they’re concerned.

It’s not so much the number of kicks as your baby’s normal patterns of movement. So if you usually don’t feel him move in the morning then that might be when he is resting.
Having said that, follow your instincts and if you’re worried call your maternity care provider and get it checked out.
(It’s a myth that babies don’t move as much closer to your due date - they should still follow their individual pattern of movement… and it also needs checking out if they are moving a lot more for no apparent reason as this could be a sign of distress)

It’s not uncommon not to notice baby moving much while you’re distracted or busy doing stuff. If you’re concerned, then talk to your midwife or ob. They will help you assess if there are any issues.

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He may just be a chill baby. If I ever became concerned when I was pregnant, I would just tap my belly on the side he was laying and he would kick my hand like “leave me alone woman!” Once they get big at that point and run out of room, it’s common for them not to have much space for the free kicking.

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I’m 35 weeks and he moves when he wants. I’m not worried. His heart rate is good and he is more active when im trying to sleep

He’s probably sleeping. When you walk your rocking him. My baby was a good sleeper. She had the same schedule she has now… up for a few hours in the morning, mid day and at night. Try eating a small snack then laying on yout back that should get him moving around.

Drink some ice cold water and lay on your left side. The placenta might also be in the front which makes it hard for you to feel.

I’ve only had one and felt him enough to know he was ok but not to count kicks, also I was pretty heavy when I was pregnant idk if that makes a difference

My last one was like that. He was just a really relaxed baby. I would nudge my belly every so often to make sure he was all good. Feeling that leave me alone kick always made me feel better… If for any reason you feel something is off call the Dr. Always better to be too cautious rather than sorry when pregnant.

At 33 weeks they have a more regular sleep/wake schedule. They don’t move as much when they’re sleeping.

My daughter barely ever moved and i was a nervous wreck i only felt her roll and adjust once in a while also. She was fine thank god and she is almost 2 years old now

I did with all three. They were rear facing

I hardly ever felt my third child. It depends on where your placenta is placed too. An anterior placenta makes it harder to feel the baby.

My son some days would kick alot other days hardly at all i guess it depends on the baby

I have 7 children and they were all different with their movements. Some early kickers, some afternoon,some evening kickers and then an all day kicker. It also varied each day and how far along in the pregnancy I was.

My last born son (10 weeks old )was very quiet and I didn’t feel a lot of movement with him all through my pregnancy, I never did count the kicks as I rarely had 10 movements every hour, I just kept an eye on his pattern of movements and made sure I had them everyday.

I would say you know what feels right for you and your babies normal pattern of movements,and if something feels off and your not sure then go and get checked out. Don’t feel silly if you go and get checked everyday week or even everyday! It’s better to be safe :heart:

You could try some ice cold water or a fizzy drink to get the movements going.

Wishing you all the best :blush:

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My daughter would do this to me all the time! I’m also 4”9 so she didn’t have much room to move anyways but the bigger she got the less room she had to move. It happens, I was always at L&D :rofl::rofl: they knew me by name when I walked in.

Yes! This happened to me. Same exact thing. I was so worried. She was fine! :heart:

I’m 29 weeks pregnant and my daughter is like this, she just sleeps most of the day when I’m awake. She kicks a lot while I’m asleep/super late at night so I don’t know most of the time

Mine didn’t kick at all. He stayed in the same position throughout.

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My 1st was ginormous, born 10 lbs 2 oz, so he was pretty snug in there and I would eat an orange or drink some juice and lay down and watch/feel him kick and roll.

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I can relate.
Im 33 weeks and also feeling like i have a lazy baby :joy:

I’m 29 weeks and I’m the same… don’t stress yourself out :blush:

My second was like this he got super big at 36 weeks i ended up losing mt fluid so they induced me and he was a healthy 8lb 10oz

A glass of orange juice with you feet up will get the baby to move around a little bit but its normal for the babies that far along to not move around a whole lot because they dont have a whole lot of room

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With my first one, she would go all day without kicking. Any movement I made, it put her to sleep. So whenever I would feel worried that she wasn’t moving, I would buy a slushie at the gas station and drink it all. Usually after about 10-15 minutes she would kick and move around. Just got to find something that makes it move and kick. It always was always my reassurance she was ok in there.

With my first pregnancy I didn’t feel him move until my third trimester even though nurses said he moved a lot.

She didn’t move much at all…until Josh Turner country sang…while I was driving to work…

3 kids first 2 boys and you could see them kicking and moving all around, had front labor for both and it was easy… My 3rd 🤦🏻 never really felt her move, could never see my belly move and back labor (I swear she tried to snap my back :joy:) I honestly think it’s how they are positioned and if they are low or high. Good luck!

Yes. My first just never moved a lot. It was never a big issue. She didnt move a lot then slow down, she just disnt move a lot to begin with. I could never get 10 movements in an hour.
Eventually they just had me track how many were average for me for an hour and use that number instead.

Yes! My first born I felt often, my other 2 I was paranoid cause neither would move alot. I ended up buying a doppler. My doc told me the same thing, if I didn’t get 10 kicks in 2 hours at most, to go to the ER. If I had done that, I would’ve lived in the ER.

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I am experiencing it now with my 5th pregnancy at 31 weeks never even felt him til about 17 weeks really

Also adding to my other comment that it turns out my placentas all grow in the front instead of the back. This makes it harder to feel movement

It also depends on where the baby is placed. If it more faced toward the back, you might not feel as much.

Always get checked you must tell your doctor or nurse if your not getting movement. Happened to my daughter found baby had cord around her neck.

Try drinking something cold and sweet (sugary) and he should wake up. I couldn’t feel my son much and that’s what the dr had me do as long as he responded to it we were good :woman_shrugging:t3: plus I ended up doing monitoring a couple times a week from 34 weeks on… tell your dr.

I would just push my kids a little and they would move. If I was feeling a little weird about them not moving

As your baby gets bigger they won’t have much room to move I am 38 weeks and he barley moves now it’s normal but I would buy a heart beat machine so you can listen to heart beat just to feel at ease

By then end of my last pregnancy I could barley feel my little boy move but my partner could I think I just got to use to it x

With my oldest son I hardly ever felt him move. And at every appointment they said he was a healthy baby. He is now a healthy wild boy that never sits still lol

My son never really did till end of pregnancy

You need to drink a glass of orange juice and lay on your left side. It will get baby moving.

My soon didn’t move allot after 35wks. I went for a final ultrasound at 39wks and found out that I had been leaking fluid and needed to be induced that same day because my fluid was so low. When he was born his umbilical cord was so short they had to hold him in between my thighs to cut the cord. I had been to the hospital almost once a week because he wasn’t moving much from 35-39wks. Not once did they do an ultrasound just non-stress tests which he only passed with the help of the nurse “buzzing” my stomach. If I hadn’t begged for that final ultrasound things could have ended very differently. Follow your gut. If you feel something is wrong, advocate for yourself.

If u haven’t felt him move in a while drink a sugary drink if u can and lay down for a while. My doctor told me babies are soothed by movement that’s why u feel them more when u lay down to go to sleep cause u stop moving so they wake up. Also only use a Doppler if u know how. Your heartbeat can be mistaken for babies if u don’t know what your looking for.

Okay, so, counting kicks is actually counting distinct movements. So, baby kicks, that’s one. Baby turns over, that’s two. So on and so forth.

Aside from that, the location of your placenta, how big baby is/how much room baby has, and how much amniotic fluid baby has all affect movement.

More than anything, you should be concerned by your baby’s normal changing, not your baby not fitting the standard. (Ex: if your baby is very seldom active in mornings, inactivity in mornings shouldn’t concern you, but if baby is usually most active in mornings, inactivity should.)

If you are concerned, talk to your doctor. It’s better to check and be wrong than not check and be right.

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I didn’t feel my second move much at all due to an anterior placenta, he was always super active during ultrasounds though.

My girl was very chill while I was pregnant and now she’s very chill as a baby like she sleeps way more than my first baby. . I think there are babies that don’t move as much as and are completely fine. She had her own pattern and not the norm. Still pay attention and watch for those movements and patterns just to be sure.

my baby didn’t move much either and he was perfectly healthy when he was born

My oldest son was like that. He didnt move a whole lot. My youngest son was very active constantly moving when he was in my belly.

Same- bigger baby, small mom. Said she ran out of room to move much

I had anterior placenta so the placenta cushioned the movement. I never felt my baby move during the day unless I drank something really cold or if I was in a warm bath. She also moved around more at night. I used a fetal doppler when I was concerned about her well being. Fetal dopplers are easy to use. You can easily tell if you are listening to your heart beat or the babies heart beat. The beats per minute are way different. Your resting heart rate should not be over 90 beats per minute. A babies heart rate is usually 130-140 in the 3rd trimester. I never trusted how accurate the heart rate was on the fetal doppler. I usually found the heart beat as reassurance that she was still alive. I had preeclampsia so I was always scared my baby would die without my knowledge due to lack of blood flow. I never completed kick counts or tracked fetal movement because I rarely felt movement.

Yes my daughter never moved . I never felt anything more than fluttering except when she turned. She was completely healthy and pregnancy problem free .

My son was lazy in womb, now he doesn’t sit still. I was worried too, but he’s an amazing guy!

Yes. One of my kid. I had to like push my stomach to make him move. Gave me few scare. Now he gives me headache. Lol lol!!!