Anyone else say "because I said so" to their kids?

So i know a lot of people don’t like the phrase “because I said so” but does anyone else ever feel like that’s the only answer your child will accept because they’ve ignored all the other answers you’ve given? Because I feel like that every day. I can give my 7 year old the most valid answer in the world and he will act like I didn’t even speak English. But if I say “because I said so” he finally listens.


I hate bc I said so. I think no one has the ability to reason anymore bc we don’t teach our kids that skill. The why matters. When my kids ask me why, I tell them why, they learn to make good decisions on their own in the future. This has always been my practice. We also don’t follow rules in this house that don’t have a why. We follow rules that promote our health and safety and the health and safety of others. If you have to threaten to get through tough spells, then do what you have to. But try to remember that reason is taught. :heart:

When I get to the “I said so” point I’m ready for my head to explode and go into a coma just for the break
I totally get it

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My kiddos 9 and I’ve never had to say that to him. My mom used to say it to us all the time and NEVER give an actual explanation for why she was saying no. When I tell him no, I tell him why I’m saying no and that sometimes things don’t always go the way we want them to and he moves on. I’m sorry you’re struggling with this mama. I wish I had better advice.

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Yessss! I remember my mom saying this and now I do. If not my daughter keeps going then once I say that she knows I am done and says yes ma’am.

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Yes. I’ll try to explain but after a certain point of them arguing with me I’ll just say because I said so.

It’s a valid answer. I’m a parent not a parrot. I do not repeat myself. If I say something’s it’s because I have my reasons. They are children. They do not have to know why I made a decision. I don’t have enough hours in my day to discuss everything. If I say no, they know better then to ask why.

No I always explain and provide the reason to my son!

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Mine don’t listen until I yell in a voice not of this world…so I think you got this :slight_smile:

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My grandfather always told us “not for you to ask why but for you to do or die” sooooo I’ve def caught myself saying that.


My 7 year old doesn’t listen to anything even that.

Mine are like that as well and they are 17 and 14

absolutely. i’m the adult/mother. so what i said goes :woman_shrugging:t4:.


The first time, I try to give a brief explanation. If they present a convincing counter argument, I’ll reconsider. If my answer is still no, I’ll give a brief explanation. Aside from that though, when they ask again, I’ll say, “I already answered you.” Repeated asking will just get the response, “Answered.”


Sometimes, because I’m the parent and I don’t need to explain every little thing to a child


My kids are the same way but I also do not like to use because I said so. I tend to try a couple times I simply tell them that I already explained it to them and I am done with the conversation and we can discuss it again at a later time.

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