Anyone else struggle with a two income house?

Does anyone else struggle trying to maintain being a two income household? My boyfriend works FT I work weekends and sometimes he’ll be called to work the weekends which is good money but conflicts with my weekend job and having the kids. He told me he’s more than likely working tomorrow and Sunday which means I won’t have anyone to watch our kids. It just seems so pointless to even maintain my job anymore I hate this stress and last minute trying to find slim to none childcare it will be another 2 years before my youngest is in school all day.


Our household always look at “does the benefits outweigh the costs”. So does your income cover the childcare and then at least 25% more income after childcare costs. If not then it would be more beneficial to stay at home and allow him the ability to work the hours necessary to help. Otherwise I would suggest finding something that allows you to work timeframes outside of his hours so childcare is eliminated as much as possible.


We worked opposite shifts for some years to avoid any big overlaps. It was hard sometimes if we forgot to prioritize time for each other but here we are. Those times, though a challenge relationship wise, were the easiest on our household running smoothly. There was always a parent available that way.

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All that has worked for my household is opposite shifts


Could you work evenings when he is home