Anyone else super nauseous in early pregnancy?

So. I can drink tea with light nausea. I can’t drink water without extreme nausea. 9 weeks pregnant. Anyone else have this problem or know why it’s like this?

I’m currently 25 weeks, and constantly nauseous. I get sick at least 3 times a day, especially drinking water, nothing has helped. I’m just pushing through it

I just hit 15 weeks and Im still trying to figure out something that helps. Most of the normal things are not helping at all. I am actually losing weight because of it.

When I went through my first trimester with this pregnancy I couldn’t hold water at all, or tea. The only thing I could keep was gingerale and that was barely. I had to take Zofran to keep any fluids or foods down.

The nausea is common in pregnancy and I’ve known more people to have this issue than not. I would talk to your OB and see if they can get you some medication to help you stay hydrated.

It’s normal with my 1 pregnant , kept pretty close to nothing down first 3 months ,