Anyone elses toddler potty train themselves?

Did anyone elses toddler just all of a sudden potty trained? It’s been like this last weekend. She refuses to put on a diaper and she actually has been dry! I just don’t want to put too much pressure on her… I’m also 38 weeks pregnant


Yes! My oldest daughter just decided one day and that was that, needed zero intervention from us and stayed dry! It was amazing, I bet my 2nd makes us work for it now though :rofl::joy:

Yeah my little boy 2 wouldn’t even acknowledge a potty or toilet. I bought him pants and he put them in the bin :joy: then One Saturday he woke up and asked for pants on and we’ve not looked back. Dry day and night in a week at 2… So proud and relieved :joy::blue_heart:

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My daughter did at age two. But tried peeing like her brothers. Eventually she found sitting had better results.

Two of my girls did. It was so effortless. Just follow her lead.

Yep my oldest son did it.

All of mine have. I just let them decide when they were ready and once they were they did it. They were older than others when they did it but we don’t deal with accidents or have any issues because they were 100% ready when we did it. I’d introduce the potty but they set the timeline.

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My oldest potty trained himself about two months before my youngest was born. He was at my mom’s house one day, and told her he wanted to pee pee on the big potty. Within two weeks, he was completely potty trained.

What is it like being God’s favorite? Lol

My daughter pretty much potty trained herself. I didn’t have any issues with it! I just stopped putting diapers on her during the day and did pull ups at night but even then- she woke up on her own at night to go

Two out of my three woke up
One day and were just ready basically did it on their own same with the bottle