Anyone ever feel lonely at times?

Does anyone ever get a lonely feeling? I don’t know how to explain it; besides, I just feel lonely. I think it’s anxiety? I’m a stay at home mom and I love it, but my husband works really long hours and leaves before we get up and gets home after we are in bed. I don’t have a family where I live, so it gets pretty lonely because we just stay home. The times when I think about venturing out with both kids, I talk myself out of it and end up just staying home.


Yes! When I was a SAHM with my two littles, I felt this often, even though we live with my in-laws and I was rarely ever actually alone. I wish I had advice on how to help you through it, but all I can offer is solidarity. You’re not alone in this feeling. :heart:


I completely understand. I’m a stay at home mom too. My husband works all day. I do have family near me but they are always working too. Sadly the highlight of my day is going to the grocery store.

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I was a SAHM until last week, I often felt this way. My fiance also works long hours at night and then sleeps during the day. I tried to get out at least once a week, even if it was just a quick walk.

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Get out of the house! Even if it’s for a walk!

Would you like me to drop by once the kids are sleeping ?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My son is 4 and I’m looking forward to him being in school so I can start working… but look up mom groups in your area on facebook and find a hobby that you can do while the kids are around… I paint rocks and it’s stress and anxiety relieving as I have issues with both…

Yes absolutely. Please, join a play group or something. I found a great one that really got me out of my shell and my kids love it!

You need some mommy friends / neighbors. People who totally get it.

yes I can relate . when my kids were younger hubby worked long hrs no family. I went.for lots of walks and going to parks. attending mom groups were what I needed. sometimes u just have to step outside ur comfort zone


Been there, done that, but learned that lesson very early on. Get out even if it’s just for a walk with them, or take them to a park in your area if that’s doable. I learned that if I didn’t I was miserable, and hated be home. Find something, anything!! Force yourself to get out. It wont be long before it will get easier.

Currently yes. My husband works until 9 pm sometimes and I get so lonely.

Just take the kiddos out. You’ll meet lots of moms doing regular kid stuff.

A park playground, library (when things open up) May have children’s programs. Churches are a great place to meet other young mothers.

I used to be like this. Start getting out, it really is good for you, and your kids

Same. I feel lonely a lot…

Its depression, get out and do something go walk at the park or something… I did this for years and it only gets worse with time until I started walking. Or talk to a friend.

It’s very common and once the brain chemicals get out of wack one needs to seek professional help (MD). Best of luck

And def is anxiety i get like that all the time is the worse and ive gotten professional help

being lonely sucks, i know it all too well but remind yourself that even though he works, he comes home. i love in the US and my husband is in the UK. with this virus going around I have not been able to see him or him me. i will see him at christmas but at that point it will have been an entire year since i’ve been able to hug him or sleep next to him. instead of dwelling on the loneliness hug him a little tighter, spend time with the kids because i would give anything to be able to see my husband everyday.

Yes. I think so. My mother always said she was feeling blue on her lonely days after my father died. My husband died 8 months before my Dad died. After he died I could be in a room with lots of people and felt so totally alone. I think there is different kinds of loneliness. It would help if you could be with others at times. Maybe ask friends for coffee or something at your house. Try different things until you find what helps you.

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I bet if you ventured out to a park with the kids it would do wonders for your well being. I stay inside all the time and only leave for doctors appts so I get it.


My husband worked weekends and hoildays. I just would take my guys somewhere fun. They are adults now and still like doing things with me.

You are your kids major teacher! Show them how to have fun. Go on adventures. Pack lunch and go out! Parks, playground, hikes, look on-line to see what there is to do around you for free. Look up playgroup of kids your age. Go workout on grass with kids! Take coloring books to park and color outside! Make play dough! My mom had 6 kids and no money. We went out all the time with our lunch in a cooler. Find a friend or playgroup and you will not feel so alone. Can you take the kids to have lunch with Daddy?


I’d get up with him to have good conversation
And get involved with a reading group for kids at the library


Be careful for depression. When you say you talk yourself out of it. I did home daycare for 10 years. Hardly ever left the house. My husband is a wonderful man. I have a good life. But I got extremely depressed, lonely, didn’t want to be touched, didnt want to do anything or go anywhere. I quit and got, what I say “a real job”. I have became myself again. The isolation was just to much for me. I needed people, conversation every day. Even for just a little while. Good luck.


It happens! You need a mom friend if your husband can’t be there because he is working! My friend and I help each other out on days that are tough!

Of course. But hey pretty, if your husband doesn’t have time for you then you make the move. Go to his work and ask him out on his break. Also, see yourself mentally well so that it wouldn’t affect on how you deal with your family. I believe you can overcome that struggle.:blush:

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Greetings Dearly
I think we all have that down somethings (while downs may also be unique to why each of us have them); having time with hubby and/with our kids are most rewarding…but there are some times where the actual craving might be needed simply for ourselves. We easily forget at times (when everything else is our world…and that’s not a bad thing) but that something for ourselves could provide that little missing link…could be anything as simple as reading a book for maybe just an hour a day or drawing or writing…(just examples)… I’m not the wisest person in the world and not a doctor but have felt that little cloud from time to time…and I know I didnt want to change my family lifestyle so i just added alittle something to express myself as myself…hope this is somewhat helpful rather than further complexity?
Blessings sister​:woman_mage::wink:

Sorry! I will try again. Yes, mother’s at home with small children do get lonely. You need to make new friends who also have small children. Try going to church. Go to the library for children’s reading groups, music appreciation groups, story time. Try finding a nearby Newcomers Group. That was very helpful for me when we moved to another state. I met a great young woman with 3 children. She and her husband became good friends with my husband and me. See if your town has a phone line you can call that will tell you about town resources. Look for activities in your local newspaper. Send your kids to the town’s summer program so they will make friends. Send them to gymnastics or dance classes where you could meet other mothers. I know you are lonely, but you do need to push yourself to get out. Take your kids to a nearby playground. Sign up for Mommy and Me classes. There are a lot of activities going on. You just need to find them. Make just one new friend and things will take off! :heart:


Don’t do it. Your kids need you. I know the feeling. Alittle different but I know the loneliness feeling. My kids are grown but I have 13 and 7 year old granddaughters. If it weren’t for them I would not care to get up or go anywhere. Do it for the kids. You will feel much better if you take them out and explore. Your energy will come back. Promise!! Good luck!

Just go out. Take a walk. If you live near the water or a lake. Go there. Go for a walk in the park. Do some window shopping. Go to the library. My late husband worked all the time. I miss the walks we took at the beach when he came home. Miss him so much.

Take up photography and put your photos on FB or other social media. Photographers meet monthly to improve their craft and you will meet a ton of people , it worked for me. The children can go with you, show them nature, flowers, birds, squirrels.

Sweetie, my husband was in the Navy for 20 years, (this was before the time of home computers and cell phones) he would on deployments any where from 1-2 days to 9 months at a time. So yes I know the lonely feeling very will, I was a stay at home mom and we where overseas a lot and even state my family nor his didn’t live close to us. I had to do it on my own, (it made me grow up) I would take our girls out to shop or to a park and we would make the best of it. One thing that helped was the friends I made at the bases we were at, military wives learn to lean on each other. If you have friends that you can lean on at times (not all the time) and go out in a group with it will help, if not join a group of something you are interested in be it a craft group or a church group or in exercise class just get out and make friends it will be good for you and your kids to see you active and happy.

The typing of No was an error caused by my finger sliding across the keyboard. I think everyone feels lonely at some time.

You need to found you a part time job outside the house or work from home
This is normal when you are not getting the love and support
You know you should be doing more
Speak up and do something about it

My dear! When I’m depressed when this cancer gets go me?
I go for a walk kook at Gods creation, and here’s what I learned after a serious panic attack!
I started praiseing Gid! For everything I mean I went back yrs!!!
Went on for awhile then? Wow my depression ceased and I started laughing so much joy! Been saved 50 yrs I’m a Pastor! Never felt Gods presence like that!!-.
The next day I heard A verse I never saw before!
God said “I will inhabit be in the center of my people’s praises”
Look I learned it’s not lrziding him for the crisis! That not really!!!
Hey God I praise you for my cancer???
No we don’t praise him for the crisis but on it!
Golf hymn
Count your blessings nsne them one by one!
See all the great things God had done!

Yes I have been there i thought depression meds and such were bologna times 55 years! Just get up do one thing for yourself daily wheather it is put on make up, get dressed go buy a donut whatever and see your doctor if you want.

What county do you live in I know how it is if you need somebody to talk to feel free to call if you’re nearby maybe we could start a talk group together I’m in Hagerstown Maryland

Doing things outside of the house with little kids can be the most exciting and liberalizing feelings in the world. It makes the day go by faster and you come home feeling rejuvenated. It’s like little adventures, creates lots of memories.

Join a mommy group, where your children can socialize and play with other children their ages while you mommies get to chat and enjoy each other’s company. This year has been very difficult for everyone. Praying for you :pray:t5::two_hearts:

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Get up with your husband in the morning. Make him some breakfast and have coffee with him


First, have this conversation with your husband. You’re a team…employment is a way to make a living, but not life. The things you do/are together is doing life…employment is how you get the means to do it. Partners in life are there for each other…make it fun for him, to be home…a place of refuge and companionship and make sure that sex is on the menu at least a couple times a week…use that time to really enjoy the closeness of one another. ALSO, develop female friendships with women who have kids similar in age to yours…their play dates can be a time for some girl time for you as well…add in a couple of lunch dates and this should help minimize the loneliness you are feeling.

Yes me all the time hang in there sweetie and get out of house…

Plan an outing with you and the kids once a week. It doesn’t have to be for a long time or go very far. That will be something to look forward to.

GET involved in church lots of good people to be friends with. Of course Jesus can always take the loneliness away.

start out walking around the corner next venture out a little bit at a time…

I don’t have nobody in my life and can’t even find a good man so I definitely lonely and I don’t even have friends to go out with. All my kids are grown and don’t want to be bothered with me. I really only go doctors appointments and grocery shopping.

You need to get out…you and the kids need to make new friends! You all will be happier!

I live with my Granddaughter and family. I am 91 and very lonely

Stop talking yourself out of it.

Quit talking yourself out of going out of the house. We raised our 4 kids with me being a “stay at home mom”. Being a stay at home mom doesn’t mean you need to hole you and your kids in the house. Go to places, take your babies with you. If you don’t have family or friends near you, learn to open up to people! I read to take your kids to the park. Great Idea! As your kids play, watch them and introduce yourself to other parents there. Get to know your neighbors. Look up organizations to volunteer at and/or join. You really should do this for your family and yourself. Isolating yourself and kids like you are is harmful to your family’s as well as your own mental and emotional health. We (as human beings) are social creatures and we need that social contact to fully grow and thrive. I am an incredibly shy person. I joined Moose International (a social organization like the Eagles or Elks) quite a while ago. I met people with similar interests as myself, have participated in adult as well as family functions through them. I also go to church, am involved with the kids school, and have been able to connect with friends outside of those places. Take a chance and let others know you exist! You might have so much to offer someone else who might be just as lonely as you in the same situation! There is so much out there for you and your family (not all of it is bad!), sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and join in the life going on around you. Volunteer. There are organizations that would welcome someone like you! Get a part-time job! Find some kind of group for moms and kids. Don’t be afraid to venture out there. Loneliness is a terrible thing to live with.

Of coarse it’s natural! However if we are Christians? Gods helps us go do the supernatural!.
I have Terminal Cancer! And the pandemic had effected our income! But each morning and during the day I give God it all!
Jesus Said in the world you will have tribulation!
But be cheerful I’m greater then the world!.
We make a decision with a crisis! It either brings us closer or further from God!
Jesus told us "I will give you peace that won’t make sence (because of a crisis) but it will be yours!
Peace if God isn’t the Jack if a crisis but his presence through!


Find a support group

Yes girl yes… Everyday

Talk to your husband tell him how you feel


My advice take baby steps. Start by going out in your front or backyard with your kids and play with them, then take them to the park or a public library or a mall that has a kids playing area. And who knows at those areas you might meet a mother with children and have a friend who will want to hang out. You could also try to find a hobby that you and your kids could do together such as painting, knitting or trying to learn an instrument. Just take baby steps.

need some prayer here. Ask the Lord for help snd direction . go out with the kids to the park

Join a mommy group, where your children can socialize and play with other children their ages while you mommies get to chat and enjoy each other’s company. This year has been very difficult for everyone. Praying for you :pray:t5::two_hearts: