Anyone ever leave NJ?

Hi parents! Has anyone ever moved from NJ to somewhere else? If so where did ya go? Do you love it? I want to get me and my kids out of NJ! Thanks in advance!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone ever leave NJ?

Yes Delaware and we love it!

Yup when I was 12 moved near the obx in N.C

Moved to Florida last year and never looked back

I moved from nj to upstate ny I love and hate it at the same time I miss being able to walk to the stores and stuff

What about their dad…

Yup left clifton Nj in 2013. Moved to Phoenix. Love AZ.


If you don’t have legal custody you better go to court and get it. If your divorced and child support and visitation has been set, you can’t legally move out of state…


I always imagined NJ as a Detroit that was its own state, built atop an old land-fill which explains the terrible odors. And totally paved over to keep anything from growing, namely the smell. As long as you don’t move to Detroit, you should notice some positive changes if and when you leave NJ.

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My parents moved us here to Orlando, fl back in 89, my husband moved here from Jersey too

My parents moved from NJ to PA when I was young and then to NC, now I live in fl…

Yes to Kansas in March . Still getting use to it . We moved to a farm so its a big adjustment.

Moved to Valdosta Ga. I’m very content now

My parents moved from NJ to Orlando after the Korean War. We are so glad they did!

Sarasota Florida …Husband is happy…built a new home…Im adjusting

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My guy moved to FL and met me (in from FL). He said it was the best decision ever

Don’t come to Pa. It sucks here