Anyone ever used a weighted sleep sack for their baby?

Has anyone used a weighted sleep sack or blanket for their ten-month-old? This girl is anti-sleep. She sleeps for maybe 2 hours or so at night at a time. From 7:30 pm until 7 am. Naps are almost nonexistent. They only last 30 minutes usually. I’m losing my mind here.


I know a girl who swore by baby merlins sleep suit. I do the 5 minute rule with our 8 month old if she fusses for more than 5 minutes I go to her. I do feed her if its been more than 3 or 4 hours still though. She doesnt do much for a nap either. We do have a music sheep that makes noise for her for nap time that seems to help calm her. Seems to be if I can get her to fall asleep on me in the rocker then put her in the crib she sleeps better. Good luck

Weighted anything should not exceed 10% of their body weight. You have to be careful when buying weighted products

Definitely consult with her pediatrician. There may be a reason she isn’t sleeping well. My son was sleeping like trash (an hour at a time or less during the night and not napping) and was super fussy. We found out he has some sensitivities to rice products and gluten as well as was having reflux from the sensitivity. We changed his diet and now he sleeps so much better.

Be careful with weighted sacks or blankets on babies. A family I worked with had their 9 month old stop breathing because of the “safe” weighted sleep sack and another family I know lost their 13 months old because the weighted blanket got over baby’s face and suffocated baby.

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How old is she? Has she been checked for reflux or food allergies? I’d talk to your pediatrician, there is likely a medical reason.

Have you talked to her doctor about possible acid reflux?

My son was the same way! We got him a weighted blanket (just turned 2) and he sleeps through the night 12-13 hours every night since!

Not as old as your child’s but when our granddaughter lived with us (about 6 months age) we did…was a godsend

We used nested bean sleep sack and it changed our life!

My son was the exact same way. I bought the nested bean sleep sack and it didnt help… my son stopped waking up every 2hrs after i stopped breastfeeding him… 1.5yrs later… hes almost 2 now >.< he rarely naps as well… but hey every baby is different. Some say it works for them some say it doesnt… try it out