Anyone feel like they didn't want anymore kids after a c-section?

Hello Moms so I just had my first emergency C-section after 3 natural births I guess it’s all similar bc we still have bleeding afterwards. Just C-section pain is More intense. Any others experienced both ways giving birth and which way has made You feel you no longer want anymore kids?


My C-sections did… but I went on to have a VBA2C. It was the most healing experience, and made me have hope for more children.

I had 4 C-section and after my first one I had a vbac. Honestly C-section are hard I mean they literally pull ur inside out and lay them beside u on the table. Your hormones are all over the place right now it is normal to feel like this but only your body can tell you when u have had enough. Maybe give yourself time to heal and get some what back to normal I mean 4 kids ur going to be busy mama but you got this then decide. You just went thru a lot including bringing another life into this world. I would definitely give it sometime and you will know if your done or not

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I had 3 natural births, and just had my 1st emergency C-section a month ago. My fiance and I had already discussed we were done having kids and I signed papers to have my tube tied (only have one due to ruptured ectopic in 2020) but as I went through this last pregnancy my ob talked me out of it due to risks with my pregnancy history. They couldn’t have done it with me having an emergency C-section anyway if I had still wanted it. However this C-section def made me not want anymore kids 10000%. Granted my ob said with my history of natural births and the fact the C-section was due to little miss coming butt first up on arrival to the hospital fully in labor that I’d be a very likely candidate for a v-back later on. But I agree 100% the healing process is tougher than natural births. I was back to my norm by 3 days pp natural births, I’m now going on 7 weeks pp and still feel quite achy and exhausted and still have some tenderness around my scar that makes it hard at times to handle my 1 and 2 year old who are attached to my hip 90% of the time.

I didn’t want anymore after having 8 naturally, that last one was excruciating and awful. But I’m due with my 9th so :rofl::person_shrugging:t3:

I’ve had 3 c sections but it never stopped me from wanting more ,

My 4th one was an emergency c section we had decided before he was even born that he was our last one but I definitely don’t want anymore after all that I went through with him and Recovering after a c section sucks