Anyone get a period for months but ended up being pregnant?

Question mamas! Have any of you been pregnant and still got a couple monthly “periods” even after you first conceived??? I’m positive I’ve been pregnant for 2-3 months. Still, I got my period in those two months (the first one was 3 weeks late tho which was super strange, and also was spotting for 2 days of it, also strange) I eventually took a pregnancy test and it came back negative and I was so confused because I just knew I was pregnant!! (I’ve been pregnant before) about 3 weeks later, my fiancé goes (omg what is that bump?? Lift up your shirt right now you look like you have a baby bump… that day we went and got pregnancy tests, I took multiple and they were all positive. A week later he was watching me lotion up after a shower and he was like wtf you look 3 months along !!! I don’t see my doctor til the 9th of October to find out how far along I am but I’m just so curious could I have been pregnant while getting these “periods” over the summer ???


Yes I Bleed For About The First 5 Months Than It Stopped Out Of No Where

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Yes I bleed for the first 3 months with my son

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I bled for the 1st 2 months with 2 of my girls

My mom said she did that. Not knowing unti about 3 months.

Yes you can be pregnant and have full cycles

I did with my first till about 4 months into it. Was shocked to get due date and gender in one appt

I bled this pregnancy for 10 days and just KNEW I was pregnant. But my doctor said no it was a bad period until we got the ultrasound and sure enough! I was an entire month further along like I tried telling him! We think it may have been multiples because of the amount and length and the stuff that came out since I’m aware of what miscarrying looks like unfortunately. :confused: Good luck! ULTRASOUND should tell you what you need to know when they finally do one.

I had my period with my twins for the first 4-5 months of the pregnancy. That’s why I didn’t know I was prego until I was 6 months. Didn’t gain weight or anything until that 6 month. They were born 7lbs each. Apparently periods while carrying multiples is common.

You can bleed but it usnt a true period cause you would miscarried a period is shedding of the uterine wall… but there are other reason to bleed… if pregnant I would get a doctor opinion.

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I didn’t miss a period until the beginning of Sept with my son…turned out I got pregnant in early July

I never bled during either pregnancy (single birth and twin birth) carried to full term with both. However my mom bled the entire pregnancy with my sister.

This may be tmi but I’m curious is the bleeding heavy? I’m only wondering bc I got my period aug 16, I know I ovulated aug 25 bc I had spotted with very bright pink and went away after I wiped. And I started having preg symptoms around my period and was late about a week in the mean time I had taken preg test and only one was a very faint positive and I had taken that one before bedtime. The others I took in the morning first thing and all came back negative. Well a week late I started bleeding around sept 19/20 no cramping or any pain. I stopped bleeding heavy on sept 25 and now I’m bleeding or I guess spotting very light. I did a lot of research I found out there is this thing called the “hook effect” and if you carry multiples and test early you may have too much Hcg that it throws off the pregnancy test and gives you false negative and it’s possible to carry multiples and miscarry one and the other baby keeps growing and comes out normal. In the research i did I found out it’s called vanishing twin syndrome. I don’t have an appt until oct 1st so hopefully I find out what’s going on. Bc I know i was pregnant and miscarried. But good luck to you momma!

I bled heavily and regularly for the entire first trimester with my first.

My daughter was 37 weeks along before she found out she was pregnant with my grandson. She had her period every month and only gained a few pounds but didn’t look pregnant at all

When I was 18 I got pregnant with my son and had a period up until I was 8 months pregnant

It is definitely possible to bleed during pregnancy. It happens all the time

Its completely possible, as odd as it sounds my mother bled for 7 months of her pregnancy with me :woman_shrugging: each pregnancy is different

I got a light 3 day period for 3 months and i was 3 months pregnant with my first baby.

I bled for 4 months after conception. Found our at my first doc appt the sex… Bc they wouldn’t schedule an apt until x amount of days after my missed period. Then had the nerve to ask me why i waited so long to come in :roll_eyes:

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Yes it is possible. I had sex a few days before my period was due. I had my period and my baby measured the 2 day into my period. Only had that one but it is possible

That’s how I was with my first child. I had a period every month till I was almost 5 months

Sometimes you can still get your period while pregnant. It shouldn’t affect the baby but, I would still let the Dr. know. If this is your second pregnancy or more, you can show a lot earlier as your body knows what to do and can prepare for the baby a lot sooner (depends on your body though everyone is different).

My mom claims she had a period every month she was pregnant with me. My last daughter I had a light period for the first 2 months

My mom had periods for 4 months with me

Not like that no, but I have bled for months straight being in the Depo shot

I have a friend that had "periods " for the first 6 months and didn’t realize she was pregnant until she stopped having them.

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Yes . Four months straight . Healthy 4 year old .

I bled each month and then some on my two boys

I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter before I knew and had my period the whole time .

I had that happen. I kept having periods for like the first 4 months I was pregnant

I did with my first baby, for 4-5 months…

It happens I known someone who never knew she was pregnant till they were almost due because she had no signs nor missed “periods” she was pregnant the whole time

Some women can still have a fairly regular period like symptoms while pregnant. Lots of symptoms of early pregnancy and menstruation are the same.

It’s quite possible. I still had a regular period until i was 6 months along with my first baby. You should definitely see your doctor asap!

I bleed my whole first 5 months, I was a very high risk pregnancy

Go see your doctor…tell them you are bleeding and you need to be seen NOW…If you get nowhere ask to talk to a representative…that will get you in sooner…Don’t sit home worrying that is not good for you or your child…

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I did and because if it I now have 4 kids. My last was completely unexpected.

Doesn’t seem normal, see a doctor

Yes. I’ve seen women go all 9 months still having their periods.

I had periods for 7 months with my first

I bled the first 5 months with my first pregnancy. My second was normal. This go round my last 2 periods were basically spotting. I’ve gotten a positive test at home and confirmed by the dr. However I am seeing an OB in a bigger city since I’ll be considered high risk this time. We have no idea how far along I am but I already look 4 months pregnant. I showed super early with my second as well but this one is insane how big I am already. We’re hoping to find out very soon.

yes it is fairly common i was 7 mo and monthly bleeding with my first. second and tgird i was 6 and still bleeding monthly and never had a positive blood or urine test ever with the 1st 2 but the 3rd i had a positive blood test on and the doctor redid it because she was like wait you dont get positive tests :joy: i was prego. have 3 happy healthy kiddos

Yep… I had periods with both of my children. Foud out I was pregnant because I was sick and throwing up… Doctor finally tested and found I was pregnant. Both kids were born before their due date by a month.
Years later I was having a medical procedure done and the Doctor asked me if I knew I had two uterus!!! Funny thing was, I had an IUD with my first pregnancy and on birth control with my second. Come to find out I got pregnant in the uterus without the IUD and my birth control pill I was on wasn’t strong enough to handle two uterus!!
Come to find out it very common… My cousin had twins. They were proven to be conceived at different times. One twin was atleast three months older than her sister. They didnt even know she was pregnant with twins, even with sonograms, until after the first baby was born !! She also has two uterus.

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Scientifically you can not get a period while pregnant, but some woman do bleed during pregnancy. My cousin bled all the way through hers because of something else forgot what it was called. But while pregnant your uterus is not shedding its lining which is what a period is

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Yep it can happen. My sister swore she was pregnant but had her period took a test and it was negative. The second month she had a light period but took a test after she stopped bleeding and it was positive. One of my other friends had a period the four months.

Yes. It can happen. I did a little the first couple months I was with my third pregnancy. Didn’t happen with my other two pregnancies. Everything was fine.

I had a 2 day period with pinkish discharge three days after the short period happened took a test it was negative now this time a around the next month when I’m due for a period I was 5 days late started bleeding but not it’s a day in and it isn’t going on my pad it’s so light soooo no clue

Yes , it happened to me too, I was almost 5 months pregnant before I knew, period whole time, no other systems so I was shocked when dr. told me how far along I was🤭

With my first born I got my period for 5 consecutive months, and my periods were always very light, then stopped after the fifth month and noticed my regular clothes were not fitting anymore, just gained 20 lbs with the pregnancy. No mornings sickness, doing my life as usual , going out, exercising, roller blading, etc. My boy is a very healthy smart guy! :blush:

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My sister had a “period” her entire pregnancy. She didn’t know she was pregnant until she was 36 weeks. She wouldn’t of ever known if she didn’t go to the hospital for stomach pain


I had a friend years ago who found out she was pregnant about 1 hour before she gave birth. She didn’t show and had a period every month. Now the baby is expecting in Feb.

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Some woman have periods the entire pregnancy is what my doctor told me. With my first son I had my periods the first 2 months in before they stopped. Thought I was miscarrying.

A friend of mine had her period the whole pregnancy with her daughter and didn’t even find out she was pregnant (because of multiple negative test) until she was 6 months along!!!
It’s definitely possible

I spotted and had what I thought were a couple of periods when I was pregnant. The spotting was what I was used to after being on the Pill for so long. Doctor told me it was totally normal!

I had two periods in one month for my girls and nothing after that and everything was fine.

I worked with a woman who had periods the first 5 months of her pregnancy

My daughter. Didn’t know She was pregnant til 20 weeks cuz she still had a period and wasn’t showing at all

Yes its possible. Your dr should do a sonogram to check dates anyways. If you are already 3 months along you are going to miss out on chromosomal testing… so if you are wanting to do that you need to be seen sooner.

If you have older children… I always “showed” much sooner with 2, and fourth babies. Plus. Maybe you’re having twins? Just a thought. Blessings for you.

I agree with everyone who commented! Yes it does happen!

I had bleeding though out one of pregnancies. On another one of my pregnancies I had a Corpus luteum cyst that grew 16 cm in 2 weeks. At 6 weeks the cyst was the size of a 16 week pregnant uterus.

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First pregnancy had a period for 4 months in. Second was completely stopped for more than a year

Mine was like that too. I had cycles 3-4 months after being pregnant with each of my 4 pregnancies and then they tapered off.

I had a great aunt that had a period every month when she was pregnant. What my mom told me

Had a cousin that had them her entire pregnancy! Baby was fine.

I had my period for the first 3 months with one of mine…

I was pregnant and had a period up until 6 month, although it was very mild and didn’t last as long as normal

I had mine for 3 months with my 2nd child and 6 months with my last

I had regular monthly periods for 7 months of my first pregnancy

I did coupletjd
Was told it WASN’T a period ,was pregnancy bleeding but wasn’t serious enough to cause a miscarriage

I saw my period for 5 months before I found out I was pregnant

I had a period for at least 5 months each time I got pregnant.

Mine was like that with my 2nd son the test would come back neg for 4 months then bam I’m 4+ months along

Yes it happen to me with my second child

I did for 4 months when I was pregnant with my daughter.

Why aren’t you asking your doctor???

How does that work how do u not know till 36 weeks that your pregnant bc once u started feeling the baby move wouldnt that tell u ?

I had a regular period for 3 months the 4th month I missed it

Pretty normal actually. Probably time to see a doctor. They can tell How far along you are

Yep with all three I would know I’m pregnant till 2-3 months get my p all the way to 5 months

I did both times i was pregnant.

Yes with both of mine for 5 months

My late M.I.L. did…

Implantation bleeding. :grin:

Yes it does happen. Not common, but can and has happened. My biggest concern for you is that you are pregnant and that it could be an ectopic pregnancy. A pregnancy that is implanted somewhere besides the uterus like in your fallopian tubes. That could explain why you’re also having a period. I dont mean to scare you but thus happened to me and my tube ruptured, I was approximately 9wks preg. Luckily I was in the ER when it happened and had to have emergency surgery. There are also other reasons that youre bleeding while pregnant. Best thing you can do is see a doctor asap! I saw you have an appointment soon, thats great. I wish you all the best and hope for the most perfect of outcomes for you and your family. Good luck!

Go to the doctor already

In 2010 I was one week late. I was two days shy of being in my second trimester.

Yep…always had a light period 1st 2 or 3 months of pregnancy…if it’s any consolation when I went through menopause it was ease peasy…just stopped having periods…no hot flashes…nothing!

Yes i was 2 months and still had mine was surprised when i got a positive test.

Lol, I had my period reg every month and was on bc when I found out I was pregnant . Surprise! Lol three and a half months in :rofl:

Found out at 3 moths. Never saw it coming

Do we have to discuss these personal things in such a public venue? Go ask your doctor

My cousin had one for 5 months before she found out she was pregnant