Anyone get morning sickness a week before their period started?

did anyone get morning sickness a week before their period starts? a few times today i felt like i was gonna throw up randomly.


No, but I always get extra tired and sleep more than unusual.

Yes I finally realized it was due to my period. Every month a few days to a week before it always happens

This does happen to me before my period. I usually feel nauseous for a couple of days and then don’t wanna stop eating after it goes away.

Yes and my family dr said its pre menopause just one of my symptoms .

I didn’t start to feel morning sickness until like 7 or 8 weeks although my boobs were sore pretty quickly. Everyone experiences pregnancy differently though

Yup I get nauseous and extra tired my dr said it’s hormones

Pre menstrual symptoms can feel like pregnancy symptoms. It varies on the person.

Imo there’s nothing different between early pregnancy symptoms and PMS… they’re the same for me :sweat_smile: from the swollen sore boobs increase in peeing cramps to the acne cravings smell sensitivity nausea. Literally all of it before my period. Not gonna lie tho I bee taking tests every month. Out of fear tho :rofl:

I use to, I use to always throw up a week before my period and during my period like I had morning sickness, certain smells would make me sick too and certain foods as well. Now that I had my daughter when my period comes around I can’t sleep for crap lol insomnia kicks my ass for 2 weeks