Anyone get pregnant right after their period?

Has anyone had a period and ended up pregnant right after? Like you just got pregnant to close to your period and had it then was pregnant? We tried all month then I started and I just wanna be sure that I’m not pregnant and not know or something

Pretty sure that’s not even possible. You wouldn’t get your period if you were pregnant :grimacing::woman_facepalming: you could have implantation bleeding although you should be able to tell the difference between that and your normal period.

If you aren’t sure , take a test. Normal healthy couples can take up to a year to conceive. It’s not unheard of to have a period and be pregnant, but usually a period means you aren’t pregnant.

Look into the family planning method (not rhythm method). You learn to read Temps and your body to accurately predict ovulation.
I avoided pregnancy for over 10 years using it.

I bleed for 3 weeks from 4wk-7wk they called it implantation bleeding it was pink spotting but you ovulate right after your period usually but everyone is different use a tracker

I had sex 1-2 days off my period and was pregnant