Anyone get the flu shot while pregnant?

Ladies, did you all take the flu shot while pregnant (influenza) indecisive about taking it… let me know please


I have had one flu shot in my life, first and my last while pregnant. Never again! I got so sick.

My first child i didnt and got the flu and was miserable and even got hospitalized but for my second i did and was super thankful for getting it when I got the flu it minimized the symptoms and passed pretty quickly without getting to high a fever with an already high risk pregnancy at that point.

Yes, went fine, had no symptoms after. Got it in 2nd trimester.

Nope. I’m 33 and had one flu shot in my adult life. That year I got super sick with the flu for over a week. I was 20. Never again after that.


I got zero shots of any kind while pregnant, even against my doctor’s recommendation at times, and baby and I were both healthy.


I took it and had no issues

What does your doctor say?

There is a lot of reason why doctors may recommend NOT getting it …these reasons are usually due to your “OWN” health or the Doctors “personal” beliefs … like everyday people, like you and me, doctors have their own beliefs. But your doctor is the one you should discuss these things with

I did and passed out in the middle of rhe supermarket an hour later 6 months pregnant and just me and my 11 year old …

I got one during my last pregnancy and ended up getting the flu after the fact. I’m currently pregnant and will not get one.

No. My Dr advised against it

No. Doctors advise to do it, along with the whooping cough and Covid booster. only got the whooping cough for baby antibodies. Never got sick.

I did… about 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant… I was 24 weeks pregnant when I found out … baby was fine …but in fairness I would not have had it or the covid vaccine (I would have been 4 weeks when I had that) IF I had if known

Don’t do it !!! I’ve had four pregnancy my first was tragic super healthy until after my shots she passed away !! Had DNA testing all kind of stuff no one could say for certain :v:t2: but I know for a fact what it was my other three no issues at all but I refused all vaccines

My Dr advised against it during pregnancy, as well as the health department, and the hospital. I got it after birth. I did however get the whooping cough vaccine towards the end of my pregnancy as advised to give the baby the antibodies to have at birth.

Omg it helps protect you and your baby- why wouldn’t you take It???!
Dont believe the idiots who get their “information” from Facebook.
If you look up scholarly information and research articles, it will show that it is perfectly healthy and beneficial to take

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You can get it. Generally it’s recommended by your provider.

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I got it for all 3 pregnancies. No issues.

Yes, I did everything to help ensure the healthiest start I could :blush:

I did. Baby and I were both healthy and fine.

Yes, I got both the flu shot and the whooping cough shot. No issues.

I did with one pregnancy and not the other.

I had the flu shot one time my entire life when I was pregnant with my first child. I got so sick. I haven’t had one since and that was 7 years ago.

Both pregnancies - no issues

All the shots they suggested and no side effects :slightly_smiling_face:

I got the flu, covid, and tdap while pregnant


That’s the one that killed my baby. They’ve never been tested in pregnant women because it’s unethical. There’s zero liability for the manufacturer. Nope. Not worth that risk.

No, I don’t do frankenmedicine