Anyone give their child a breathing treatment when sick?

Do any of y’all do breathing treatments when your babies are dealing with upper respiratory stuff? I’ve never done it but my little is dealing with some stuff rn and idk why my braid said she needed a breathing treatment but I’m very much considering just investing in the little machine.


Take her to the doctor and they will prescribe one if needed. You can’t get the medicine it requires without a prescription


My daughter has severe asthma and if I don’t have access to her machine, I’ll take her in the bathroom and close the door and turn the shower all the way on hot and sit with her to let her breathe the steam. It works for us some (not all) times.

I have been doing breathing treatments on my kids since they were two months old. They do have a lung disease. You can buy a machine on Amazon but you will need a prescription for the meds to use with it. Take you little one to the doctor to make sure that is what is needed.

Yes I’ve done it. Been doing breathing treatments for my son since he was 4 months old and he’s now almost 16. You need to get the machine from the doctor or a medical equipment store. Listen to your doctor if they say she needs a breathing treatment. The reason why is because your baby is having trouble breathing due to inflammation in the lungs and airway which reduces your babies oxygen. The medicine that goes into nebulizers helps open up the airway and lungs. Ask for a mask it’s easier with younger children. Hope your little one gets better soon

You need to have prescription meds to go in that lil machine


Over the counter stuff usually contains menthol based ingredients (like Vick’s) which increase lung inflammation when directly inhaled, and it can increase mucous production. If your child is already having issues that make you think they need a breathing treatment, you’re going to end up giving them pneumonia with that over the counter crap. The only safe breathing treatments are prescription nebulizer treatments that contain steroids that open the airway to allow for easier breathing and more productive coughs.

Things you can do at home:

Cool mist humidifier with no additives, scents, or or essential oils.

Turn the shower on max hot and sit on the toilet with the door closed and fan off so they inhale the steam.

Give Mucinex (guaifenesin) without added cough suppressants etc. You want them to cough because it will keep the lungs clear. Stuff going in but not coming out is how you end up with pneumonia.

Lots of fluids to keep snot thin.

Try to keep their nose clear.

Warm drinks. If they’ll drink berry tea with honey, that soothes the throat and reduces cough related to post nasal drip throat irritation. Organic honey is best.

Usually RX breathing treatments are only given for asthma or lung infections that cause inflammation so severe that they can’t cough up the stuff they need to so they get better. If your kiddo is gasping for breath when coughing, has purple or blue around their mouth or fingers/toes, is acting lethargic, is wheezing, or is retracting when breathing, you should go to the ER immediately. They can get them a breathing treatment, proper antibiotics if needed, and an RX for their own nebulizer, tubing, masks etc.

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My youngest was prescribed everything needed for breathing treatments and we did several treatments with him.

You can order a nebulizer on amazon as well as saline for it and extra masks

And also nasal rinse does wonders cleaning things out

Yes, it does help. I was told also that helps is hot bowl to a steam put a towel over the head so the steam can get into the nose that will help.


It’s the best thing you can do for them!

You have to have prescription for the meds.

Go to the doctor and have them prescribe you a machine and medicine

You’ll need a prescription for the meds

Doctor has to prescribe the med

You’ll need a Dr to prescribe the meds for it they don’t just hand it out. I wouldn’t give her one if a Dr hasn’t told you to. Albuteral can have some side effects to

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Not unless it’s been prescribed

I am not sure what “your braid” is, but a breathing treatment would be medicated - otherwise what would you do with the nebulizer? The medication had to be ordered by a physician and filled by the pharmacy- I wouldn’t administer anything not prescribed by a doctor. Unless there’s a diagnosis - the medication will not be prescribed

I would seek for advice from your child doctor first before doing that.

I had a machine for my daughters before she even turned one. She used it until about 8ish

Absolutely :heart::heart: that little machine has been a Godsend to my little guy.

As in a nebuliser
Yes they work