Anyone had diastasis recti and hernia removal surgery done?

Hi mamas! Anyone had diastasis recti and hernia removal surgery done? Does it include a tummy tuck, and how much does a surgery like this runaround? I will need this since physical therapy didn’t help, and separation of muscles is more than three fingers wide Can someone who had this done give me some advice, info…what to look for, and what to get ready for? Also, what’s the recovery like?

I had this done. Recovery took about a week before I could move without pain. About 3 weeks before I felt no more twinges. There was no “tummy” to tuck. ? They pushed the protrusion back in, closed the umbilical hernia and sutured the muscles back together. Cost was nothing, free Canadian health care.

Not me personally my step mum had it done as her separation was 5 fingers yes she got tummy tuck with hers and hernia removal her recovery took over 3 months and she was in quite abit of pain for the 1st couple of weeks, she also is going back in for surgery as a hernia has occurred behind her mesh packing thats in there. Were in the nz and new zealand dollar it cost her and dad just over $20,000 for the surgery as her medical insurance wouldnt cover “pregnancy related costs” i to need this surgery but am waiting till i finish having babies before having it done.

I haven’t had mine done yet. I’m having it done March 19th. But i had my surgical consultation last week. Recovery will depend on how they go about fixing it (laparoscopic or cut open) I’m being cut open and for 2 weeks will not be able to lift more than a gallon of milk and for 4-6 weeks after that nothing more than 20 lbs. I was told they push things back in and use mesh to cover the hernia area and also pull the muscles back together together to avoid another hernia from forming. Cost isnt going to be anything because I have medicaid.