Anyone have a child get a sleep study done?

Anyone have experience with their kid having a sleep study done? My 4 year old is getting one done at the end of the month and I love to have an idea in what to expect.


Yes. They will just put monitors on them and let them sleep

My son had one done and as a parent I stayed with him n the same room . Your allowed to take a pillow blanket snacks. Well we did and than he watched TV until it was bed time

In my experience the home tests aren’t as accurate compared to going into a center and having way more wires and such hooked up to the person.

Yes. Have 2 girls. One has had at least 4 and the other 3

We went to the hospital, but some places can send equipment to do it IN home as well!!

We went to the hospital around 8 or 9 pm! They hooked him all up and we were in a room with a queen/king sized bed and 2 recliners! They had TV there for him to watch as well. They basically can watch into the room all night on a camera (at least there was a camera in the room for us) and then they monitor the vitals all night as well. We got to leave around 4-5 A.M. but expect it to be later probably like 6-7. My sons sleep apnea was so severe they said they had more than enough data to clearly see the issue and he kept waking back up from not breathing :sweat_smile: best of luck!!

It kinda hard for me to actually explain but you go in and they will ‘hook’ wires up all over and expect you to sleep as normal…they will monitor his breathing and such on computers in another room. It might help you understand more to try googling a YouTube video about it. But my son has had 3. One where he wound getting his tonsils and adenoids removed, one to see if it helped and then another back in the winter because apparently he having issues again.

When my boys did it they stayed overnight at the hospital for about 12 hours. We were supposed to be there at 7:00 pm with them in their PJs. They requested that you already fed them. No meals were provided. Bring medications with you. They can bring any items they need to sleep like a stuffed animal. They hook a lot of sensors up to their head along with oxygen tube in their nose. The sensors do not hurt. It’s more annoying because you have to scrub their head after since they are put on with a type of skin glue. They do their best to get off as much as they can, but you can usually still see the residue. They are allowed to watch tv up until a specific time then they come in and turn it off. They sleep, if possible, then in the morning they are released around 6:00-7:00 am. It’s super simple. The biggest thing was I had one child who watched the monitor all night instead of sleeping. From a parent standpoint, I didn’t sleep much. I couldn’t get comfortable in a chair bed thing lol. I gave up around 2:00 am trying to sleep and just sat there.

My son had one done a few months ago. He was 3 at the time, it was pure hell. He had wires all over his head chest,arms, Fingers, legs and toes.

It took roughly an hr to put them all on and at times he was trying to take hem off in spots that were irritating him. He moves alot in his sleep which caused some to pull out during the night amd they would have to come in to replace them. If they couldn’t get a read anymore on certain ones they would wake us up and move them. I hardly slept the whole night.

I hope your experience goes better then mine does. :heartbeat: