Anyone have a child who doesn't like to sleep?

Does anyone have a child who just doesn’t sleep? He’s decided to stick with one nap threw the day. We are all in bed (he sleeps with us) lights off and everything by latest 9. But he’s up at all hours screaming and crying. Then wakes up in an awful mood obviously exhausted. Any help?


Once a week epsom soak bath

Need to know the age. Stop all naps during the day and get him into his own room.


Yup! Out son has never wanted to sleep. After about 1 month old, he started his time shenanigans. He is 2.5 years old now and still doesn’t sleep well. Some nights he will sleep the whole time, but most of the time he wakes up screaming for his Daddy. We’ve just learned to adjust because we’ve tried everything else.

Put him in his own room with a night light. When he wakes in the middle of the night he can entertain himself and not look for everyone else to be awake too. He’ll fall back to sleep on his own. Put some grahams or cereal in his bed for a little snack. Keep him contained in a crib until he “gets it”.


Try magnesium spray on his feet before bed.

I would highly recommend a discussion with childs pediatrician. There are several things that could possibly help from a sleep supplement to possibly changing sleeping arrangements. However there are several medical reasons that could be causing it from ADHD to autism, night terrors(nightmares) or even night time based seizure disorder(rolandics). Your pediatrician can better help guide you through the possibilities, steps and testing to help determine what would work best for your child.

Get a squirt bottle. When he tries to sleep during the day, spray him and wake him up. I’m very serious. Your rest is as important as his. You should do it at the same time.


let him outside to play, even in the snow, if that is what you have, Get him to sleep in his own room. And unless the Dr says its OK, I would NEVER give my kids anything to make them sleep, Over time, if this is given to him a lot he will need more & more to sleep as he gets older, Outside playing is the best. Take away some TV, read books to him, Again get him outside to burn off some energy!

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Cutoff naps, let him play so he will be tired. Give him a warm bath at about seven. Put him in his room with some calming music and a big teddy bear in the bed. Say prayer and you go to your room.

Might be nightmares. My Daughter has nightmares and hates to go to bed. Sometimes a dream catcher helps. Talk to a Doctor.

My son is 15 and he’s always had trouble sleeping but so do I since I was a little girl too.

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Possibly nightmares or nightmares terrors. If he’s 2 or older I’d talk to the pediatrician about melatonin. They say it helps you fall asleep but I give it to my kids and it helps them sleep through the whole night.

Melatonin. You’re welcome!

Child need his own room with his own comfort items, cut the nap


Needs his own room. Make sure he’s not hungry. Lavender baths. No naps. A little quiet time for reading before sleep.

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Stop the nap during the day.

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How old is he? You need to set an earlier bedtime, and he should be sleeping in his own room for best sleep

If he’s over 2 put him in a “big boy” bed. Let him choose the bedding.


Maybe see Dr about a sleep study try melatonin I had to do that .she slept in own bed own room. But never matter what went to bed I was working and living on no sleep. Until almost 3 even on no naps .maybe try no naps during day at your end to see if sleeps at night if doesn’t try the sleep study or melatonin.

Sleeping with your child is a big mistake first start making him go to this own bed make his room that he loves . He’s dependent on you… how do you ever sleep … seems to me you started it by taking the 3asy way…so you didnt have to get up to attend … one other thing parents are suppise to have alone time at night if you know what I mean without saying … make him stay in his own room maybe your disturbing his sleep when you snore toss and turn … bur to each their own lol he’ll be sleeping with you till hes 16 lol

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This is a what happened to my girl. She had an ear infection. Usually babies cry bc they are trying to tell you something. Go to your CVS and just have him checked out and make a follow up appointment. If this is a regular thing thatd progressed for months and your baby is healthy, try mediation music for babies, a noise machine (white noise is amszing) one of you could be snoring and keeping him up. You never know, and does he drink bottles or sippy s. With the change of weather my kids wake up thirsty. Just kinda try it all. Sometimes my kids wake up and I’ll let em watch a show to help em go back to sleep and it allows me to sleep snuggled next to them.

Every child of mine has troubles sleeping and their Dad is the exact same I’ve tried melatonin on script too didn’t work essential oils didn’t work either I tried taking all devices
Nothing has worked for them I’ve tried sleeping tablets too.

Talk to his doctor. We don’t have enough details to help u. There’s too many variables we don’t know. How old is he? Is this new? Does he have nightmares? Does he sleep with a TV or radio on or nightlights? What’s the bedtime routine? Is he taking anything medication wise? See all these and more questions can help u figure it out. This is a issue for ur doctor not Facebook.