Anyone have a gum graft procedure?

Has anyone had and a gum graft procedure done? I will need to have it done in next week and I’m freaking out. It’s for my front bottom teeth so I worry it will be very painful and noticeable. Obviously I will taking some time off of work after but I’m a teacher will I be able to work and talk okay 4 days later? Any tips or advice for me? Thanks in advance

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I had one as a teenager. I dont remember much besides they didn’t have the roof of my mouth numb enough before they started taking my gums. But they quickly remedied that. I think obvious I took it easy till it healed. But nobody ever noticed it. And it was front bottom

I had one done a few years ago, my front bottom teeth had gum recession, they took donor tissue from the roof of my mouth and honestly that was the most painful, felt like when you eat too hot of pizza and the cheese burns the roof of your mouth. They’ll give you like a retainer that goes over your top tooth with the roof protector, which helps some. 4 days off work should be sufficient, but it does hurt for a while!

My son did and also the front teeth. It was painful for the first few days. DO NOT BRUSH HARD or you will risk the gum graft coming off and no brushing afterwards unless told so. Also the area they take grafts from are from the roof of your mouth so they will basically put a “bandaid” on it afterwards so do not mess with it and do not brush it cause that “bandaid” needs to stay in place until that area is healed. You’ll be able to talk normally you’ll just be sore. They should give painkillers. Do soft or liquids only no hard or crunchy foods until you’re comfortable enough to eat them or given the green light to.