Anyone have a spouse with ADD?

My husband has ADD. He has many issues from it that he refuses to recognize, but they really create hardships on our family. He has a job where he stares at a computer all day (which isn’t good for ADD anyway). He has blue light-blocking glasses, but all they do is help with eye strain. He does NOT take any medication or do anything at all to help with ADD symptoms. I work a full-time job as well. When he gets off work, he is a complete JERK. He comes downstairs and plops onto the couch, and gets on his phone. Anytime any of us try to get his attention, it takes 2-3 tries, and I have to ask him to put his phone down and actually give us his attention, which he gets incredibly rude about. As far as taking care of the house, he has gotten to the point where he doesn’t help at all and complains like crazy if I don’t get something done even though I work all day as well and take care of all 3 of our kids. His child has stated many times. Lately, they want to go live with their mom, and I can’t blame the poor kid because my husband is just a jerk to all of us most of the time. I 100% think him staring at a computer all day has an effect on his attitude the rest of the day. I have tried to talk to him about his ADD, but he gets super crappy with me and says it’s none of my business. Which obviously, it is because it’s affecting our kids and me. I love all three kids very much, and splitting them up would absolutely crush them and me. Has anyone else had a spouse with horrible ADD?