Anyone have a toddler with autism?

Anyone have an autistic 2.5 year old? He’s on the waiting list to get tested. He’s SO smart. Knows all letters and numbers and says so many words, but it seems like his behaviors just get worse and I’m unsure how to deal with it. He’s obsessed with going for rides. To the point I can’t even take him outside to play because he bites and pinches and pulls hair and screams because he’s not getting what he wants. I’m lost and don’t know what to do anymore.


My 3 year old has autism. He’s SUPER smart but behind on speech. He’s very aggressive at times and can be very destructive. I know ABA is looked down upon but we do play ABA and it has helped him alot. He loves his therapist and she is very kind to him. Doesn’t stop him from stimming but teaches him to redirect his outbursts and violent behaviors. I’d look into it if your LO gets diagnosed. But make sure you watch carefully that they don’t try to change your child. There’s some places that will, avoid them like the plague.


Find out out about early childhood development department in your county. Depending on where you live u should be entitled to therapy for your child. Also contact school district. At 3 years old he should be placed in specialized schools for autism. Advocate for your child. DO NOT let them tell you he is not eligible. If he has a proper diagnosis that should be all u need

Could be anything babe… not necessarily autism so keep an open mind

Doesn’t matter if they are or not, they’re old enough to learn actions and consequences.

My son was dx just after four but we started getting the dx by three and started dealing with behaviors at 1.5. Look into getting an OT evaluation. Bonus for a floortime OT NOT ABA.

Try ABA it’s behavior therapy, we did it and it helped alot

Also sounds like typical toddler behavior.
I’d recommend Preschool Therapist MrChazz MrChazz Big Little Feelings Janet Lansbury
Just a few that really help people understand child development and that these kind of behaviors are normal and okay.
They also give great resources to help in the mean time!

Once you get the kiddo tested, call your local school district and speak to a CPSE (chair person for special education). Look into getting the kiddo into a special education preschool class and therapies. They have behavioral therapy that can help them learn how to express themselves and control how they act. Getting into a preschool and with therapy can massively help once they get to school age. The earlier you start the better.