Anyone have a VBAC?

Pregnant with my third and I’ve had two prior c sections it’ll be about 3.5 years since my last the time baby comes . Would love to hear about positive vbacs after multiple c sections.

I had an unmediated vbac in 2013 after my twins were born c section in 2011. No complications just 11 hours of labor because she was stuck .

I’ve had 1 c sections and 3 very successful non medicated Vbacs. No issues , recovery time was less than half of what the c section was.

VBAC Australia Support Group if your in aus.
If not I’m sure there’s support groups for vbacs local to you.

I’ve had two vbacs! One almost 8yrs ago (2yrs 4months after my csection) and one 5months ago :blush:

First was c-section, 23 months later I has v-bac then 11 years after v-bac had c-section again. No issues.