Anyone have kids with chicken pox lately?

Any mommas with kids who caught chicken pox lately?


No chicken pox was replaced with Hand Foot & Mouth.

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For everyone saying you can’t get it if you’re vaccinated, I was fully vaccinated as a kid and I got it, as did my older brother. My mom wasn’t vaccinated as a kid and never got it.


No, we have vaccines against that now. There’s zero reason.


Hey for all we know the OP might not be in America, so take it easy on them? And even so, some people do still get chicken pox even with the vaccine. Vaccines aren’t 100%. Our job isn’t to judge each other, we’re here to be a sounding board and give advice or personal experience - if asked.


Chicken pox are still a thing?


No because it’s mandatory to go to public school you must vaccinate.


Is your kid up to date with immunization?


Yes it’s still around and can turn into shingles later on in life.

I’ve had mild cases of both.

My son had it at 1 years old because his father has shingles

I have 4 kids ages 7-21 and none of them ever got it. The vaccines work

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My friends son was mis diagnosed with chicken pox he actually had hand foot and mouth disease

It’s breaking out in some locations

8yrs ago my son had in broke out 2 days often his 1st bday and getting the shot

I know 5 kids who had them this time 2 years ago. 3 different households, same weekend, opposite sides of the country.

So far no. Both my kids have their vaccines so hopefully itll do the job and we will be lucky enough not to deal with it :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

Nope, there has been a chickenpox vaccine since the 90s. I had it in the 80s. It was horrible. I then got shingles at 18, which was even worse. Thankful the vaccine cuts the chances of shingles too.

Nope, vaccines are amazing like that
Nearly forty myself and ice never had them myself because of natural immunity so thank gawd my kids got the vax to safe me from ending up in the hospital or worse over something so preventable now


My niece had pox when she was 2. And that was 9 years ago

My daughter had it 10 years ago so not recent but she got it at 9 months from daycare. The Vax is given at 1 year so she hadn’t had it yet. A daycare employee had shingles and didn’t know it and a couple of the kids got chicken pox bc of it. She is the only one of my 5 kids that ever got it.

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I haven’t seen a kid with chicken pox in atleast 15 years personally

Kids in the UK do… they don’t vaccinate for that there. To enter the public school system in the US I believe it’s required

lol im not anti vax sooooo…no lol

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My daughter did last fall I thought it was a bit bizarre because you just don’t hear of people getting chicken pox really any more my kids are all up to date on all their vax but 2 of mine had blood work show that they have no immunity to Marcella (I think that’s the real name ) so will need to have that vax many more times in their life

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Thankfully none of my kids have no chicken pox cuz they all had the chicken pox vaccine when they were young

Whew this comment section is toxic.


You can thank antivaxxers for it making a comeback. Those Pinecones are breeding grounds for plagues


This is for all the people talking down and saying “there’s a vaccine for that” umm have you paid attention to this country or world in the last 3 years alone?? Get off this mommas back I don’t blame her at all for not getting her child vaccinated anymore. And yes there are exemptions for school, so there’s that. Also before 2020, was there any job anyone here had that required them to be vaccinated for anything?? Nope. Mind ya business

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Gee if only there was something to prevent that…

Not sure why people think it’s cool to put them at risk for early shingles. That shit sucks

What’s scary is all these parents commenting completely wrong info about vaccines. Y’all didn’t read any inserts and IT SHOWS