Anyone have postpartum back pain?

Has anyone had postpartum back pain? I’m 4 months postpartum and my lower back hurts off and on.


Did you have an epidural? Those are known for causing back pain months/years after.


With my twins (I was 23 when I had them) I had constant lower back pain from sports and being an idiot and lifting heavy things incorrectly. I had an epidural (was the anesthesiologist first by himself and he missed the first time and got it the 2nd) and haven’t had hardly any back pain since unless I’m at work doing things hunched or on my feet for extended periods of time. When I had my 3rd kid 1.5 yrs ago I had some numbness/tingly feeling for awhile but that was probably due to my night nurse on the delivery floor that “forgot” to take out epidural for 3hrs after delivery. I still only get the pain when doing the things mentioned above.

Yes, it was from my epidural. I then 3 years later found that I ended up with a pinched nerve in that area as well so there was some discomfort from time to time. Chiropractor visits and some stretching and lower back strengthening (yoga) it hasn’t bothered me in a year or two.

After my first, I was black and blue from under my shoulder blades to half my butt. Constant pain. He was an epidural ending in emergency section. Had my second 19 months later via scheduled section with a block. 8 years after him I was still in constant pain.
Had my third child 4 years ago via scheduled section and my 4th 3 years ago scheduled section. My lower back still hurts.

Epidural? Can cause back pain.

If you had an epidural; this is unfortunately normal. I had severe back problems after my first epidural for years after the fact, always localized around the epidural site. Would take my breath away and couldn’t sit, stand or lay down to make it better. It was terrible. Got better with some time at a chiropractor, but definitely didn’t totally fix the problem.

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