Anyone know anything about the gluten free diet?

Anyone know anything about gluten free diet…needing to start my kid on one and dont know where to start

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Google. There’s plenty of medical data.
There’s also a few studies of Peds Dr’s in conjunction with child psychologists and removing gluten, some dyes, from childrens diets. The results were super encouraging.
Research. Trial and error. It’s a whole new life style and that’s ok. It’ll just take research. :sparkling_heart:

There’s tons of gluten free groups on Facebook. I’ve been gluten free for just over two years. There’s a lot of cookbooks too. A lot of it is trying different brands and finding what you like.
Sticking to plain meat and veggies is a safe bet.
Pastas are hit or miss…my favorite brand is jovial.
If you’re going out to eat be super aware of cross contamination. I’ve gotten sick from places that have said their food is gf but they weren’t safe with cross contamination.

I have Celiac as well as my 38 yr old son and his 2 girls,6 and 8. I have found anything I want , I can make or buy gluten free. Most meats,potatoes,rice,fruit are gluten free. Jello and pudding,most ice cream. I like Barilla pasta the best.i have made hundreds of cookies,Texas sheet cake,brownies,etc and have found that once you make the batter,let it sit for about 45-60 minutes before baking. None of us can tolerate gluten free oats.
Look on Pinterest,loads of ideas and recipes. I like Freshetta brand pizza.
Eating out can be a challenge,and birthday parties. Call and find out what they are having and make sure your daughter gets the same. Send gluten free snacks to school so she can have a special treat when it is someone’s Birthday……if you have an Aldi nearby,I like their pancake and baking mix, and I like Walmart great value brand gluten free flour. May,is Celiac awareness month and some grocery stores (Aldi for one) have specials that month only. It takes a little time to figure it out,but when you feel better, it is all worth it!
Ask any questions you have or if you need a recipe,suggestion,etc! Gluten is in a lot of things you would never think of……cream soups,licorice,some candy