Anyone lose their mucus plus at 33 weeks?

Any moms had their mucus plug come out at 33 weeks? What happened after? Did waters break? Labor? I’ve never had one come out before. But I just lost a huge jelly like glob. I called my OB she said don’t worry. But I worry haha.


It can come out quite a few times towards the end, it grows back

It regenerates. It doesn’t mean anything honestly.

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I lost mine at 32 weeks. Had her at 37 weeks

I lost mine slowly over time last couple weeks

It grows back. Its normal to lose it

Should I know what that is? :flushed::eyes:

I lost mine at 34 weeks. Went to the hospital because I was not feeling right. Had a emergency C Section because I went into early labor with 104 temp fever and I had a infection that started in the umbilical cord. Now my daughter is a healthy 16 year old

I lost mine at 31 weeks and delivered at 32 weeks but I had already been in premature labor at 29 weeks that they had stopped

You can lose it multiple times toward the end of your pregnancy.