Anyone lose weight while breastfeeding?

Anyone else drop a crazy amount of weight breastfeeding? I was already a pretty petite girl before pregnancy (120) and now I’m dipping below 100lbs. Is that even normal to continue to drop weight while breastfeeding??

I started at 128, was 135 after birth and within 6 months dropped done to 98 lbs :sob:
I looked absolutely horrible.
I could eat non stop and still lost 3-5 lbs a week sometimes.
Started using weight gain powder for body builders and it helped.
Eat high fat ( healthy ) and lots of protein. I finally leveled out after about 1.5 years.

While breastfeeding you are burning an extra 500 calories a day. I would talk to your doc see what they recommend because you want to stay within a healthy weight range for you. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest binge eating but increasing your calorie intake for sure. Breastfeeding is a lot of work. I swear I eat and crave more while breastfeeding than when I was pregnant.

Sounds like a question for a doctor why ate you asking a fb group. Under 100 lbs better go to social media :rofl:

I dropped over 30lbs than kinda stopped… didn’t lose or gain anymore