Anyone mamas got summoned to jury duty while breastfeeding?

Question…Have any of you ladies gotten a summons for jury duty when you were exclusively breastfeeding and been able to get out of it? My girl is 2 ½ months old and hasn’t even had a bottle yet.


You can contact them and tell them this and they can put in an exemption for hardship or something so you don’t have to go for the next year or so. Or if you do go and get called in just tell the judge you can’t serve and the reason why.

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Depends on your location. My county excused me when I called. There wasn’t an option on the slip they sent.

I have! I called the office and explained that I was the primary care giver and didn’t have a baby sitter and that I breastfed and have gotten out of it.

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Yes I did twice and they excused me

Yes, I was able to be excused with a doctors note.

I was. Where I live we fill out a form online about a month before we have to go. I just said how my child has special needs(which he does) and I have no childcare. I was dismissed immediately

I was just summoned a few months ago and got out of because I’m my kids child care giver. (4 kids)

Yes I did get excused from jury duty because I had a exclusivity breastfed baby under 6 months
I just wrote a letter of hardship and included a copy of my son’s birth certificate

I extended mine a year when I was breast feeding

Most summons will offer you a 1 time deferment. If not, call the office that issued the summons.


Every time I’ve been summoned I’ve been breastfeeding lol. Just inform them. You won’t have to go. If I remember correctly, there is a form you can send in.


Yep! Just do whatever they require for the exemption, you’ll get out of it.

Yes, a child under 4 is an automatic excuse. I received one both times I was breastfeeding lol.

When you fill out the forum and say your breastfeeding they dismiss you. I got my dismissel last month

So I was able to defer it for 3 months. But then they never called me back. So idk :woman_shrugging:t2: it’s been 3 years haha

It really depends on where you live. In my county it specifies on the website that breastfeeding is not a reason to be excused, neither is having a young child. Hence the ability to defer ( to find childcare). But some places will excuse you. So just call or look online.


Just file for exemption it’s really easy to do. All you have to do it write a letter explaining why it would be a hardship physically and financially and mail it in. They’ll exempt and release you.

If you are a primary caregiver for your children you can opt out of jury duty.

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I had to go once while I was pregnant, sat there for over 2 hours and had the jurors picked out before my name was even called and they sent everyone home.:upside_down_face: they pay you for your driving time tho!

Just inform them it interferes with your childs feeding schedule they will exempt you.

Yes, with both of my kids, and I just returned the form, indicating that I was a breastfeeding mother to a young infant who did not bottle feed. I was excused both times.


I’m my experience, I’ve never been to jury duty because it is always canceled. I think it could be enough to get out of it, doesn’t hurt to ask, but most hearings are rescheduled our canceled

Yes. Just fill out the form. Say you are a mother and caregiver. And breastfeeding.
You will be excused

I filled out the papers to get deferred because I was primary caregiver of my 3 kids. Never heard back from them so on the day I was supposed to report I showed up with all 3 kids. Needless to say I was dismissed

Texas summons ask if you are the main provider of a child under the age of 10.

Just respond on the back of the jury summons. Take a picture of your form to call in the night before to be sure. Or call in the day before and ask if they granted your request to reschedule.

I couldn’t get out of it. I tried. I was in the same boat and a stay at home mom. Told them I didn’t have childcare and they told me to get on and find someone. I was told if I didn’t show up, I’d be in contempt of court and arrested :flushed:


Your summons should have a list of requests to opt out u can go online and request it out, I just did this last week

The ob/gyn office I worked in did several letters for nursing moms who are breast feeding

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I was summoned when I was pregnant but called and said ‘I’m due that week’ and they took me off; that was it. No forms or anything. :woman_shrugging:t3:

As a young mother, you should be excused. There should be a number on the letter you received.

There should be an option on the back of the summons for leaving a child too young.

Yes you can get out of it, call the number on there, and ask them to make accommodations for a breastfeeding new mom, they probably won’t select you anyway.

I get a summons every so often and I never go or respond :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just seemed a little biased and got out of it. Not breast feeding just didnt wana pay a sitter for jury duty. Age 4 and 9.

Usually they send them out months before you actually have to go to jury duty so u have time.

I wasn’t breastfeeding, but I got my jury duty deferred for being the primary care giver for my 3 kids and I didn’t have anyone to help take my kids to school and pick them up for the week. My local courthouse was understanding and said that was a legit excuse for deferment.


I’d just show up and whip out milk

I have and I called and they excused me.

In certain states it says on the letter you get that breastfeeding mothers are exempt